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Modern Forces of Change Kongfu! [Copy link] 中文

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We know the world changes continuously. Harnessing the forces of change must be a key KONGFU for global powers to maintain their status as a world's powerhouse!

In the past, change comes by way of
(1) Climate change
(2) Overpopulation and increasing poverty
(3)  Foreign tribal Invasion
(4) Bell of harmony distortions and excessive jealousy
(5) Destructive acts of nature
(6) Wars
(7) New cultural trends
(8) Foreign cultural and technology superiority influence

In our modern world especially pioneered by the British and further fine tuned by the American Regime. Forces of Change methods are being understood better! The "Englightened Bureaucracy and Gentleman" is increasingly being able to harness the new forces of change to keep their respective nation in the forefront of the world!


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Note: This should be a topic of great interest especially for the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China! (and the coming NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM bloc!)

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How the American Regime uses DISSENT for positive and destructive purpose!

We have seen how the American Regime uses this particular human activity. In every nation, there would be individuals who are able to observe early on TRENDs and seek to educate or persuade his fellow countryman to adjust!

The American Regime, with the Uncle SAM kongfu, the "All Seeing eye" - basically spies everywehere in various guises - media (TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine journalist), journals, guilds, spies, vested interest groups, non governmental pressure groups, religious affiliation, class association to understand global conditions and new developments.

One very well developed skills among the American Regime is creation of STAR DISSIDENTs. It's amazing how many country gets trapped into such games! Instead of a friendly discourse on the trends, the American Regime manage to use those STARs to change their society while in FOREIGN RIVAL or foreign critical strategic states, it's used as a weapon to destabalized those nations!

The ability to master this KONGFU must be something China and the New Middle Kingdom must consider!

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Economic and Technology superiority advantage!

The coming race for  achieving parity in Naval, land, air, space introduce by China peaceful ascend, has created a new sense of urgency especially in BRITAIN, which has advantage of having a network of populated, prosperous financial, advance engineering cities around the globe in it's far reaches!

It's now to undertake the commercialization of the hypersonic turbofan-ramjet-pulse propulsion enginefor sub orbital hypersonic travel or space orbital vehicles!

The reply from American, French, Russian and Chinese is on MILITARY ADVANTAGE viewpoint, and commercial benefit of space tourism, cheaper launch of space base commercial instrumentations!


Yeeeee Hahhhhh!

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China must prepare for struggle for crude oil post 2030!

As we know, about 50% of the crude oil/gas is controlled by either the American Regime, it's proxy or the Russian Empire or it's proxy. China could probably obtain up to 20% of the global crude oil supply either through domestic supply or imported with free third nations!

With the GREEN TREND, it's show positive attitude by the OBAMA administration is willing to use more sparingly this strategic fuel. Of course it's Germany, Japan - the "constraint states" which are most active.

As i pointed out earlier, The ECONOMY OF SCALE indicates that production of various industry depends on population of the state. CHINA would have to work out the same using the PROVINCEs - i reckon - . since RESOURCE needs, rate of change can take quite some time.

It's quite likely >100 million provinces, wealthier provinces, especially the Supercentres - Guangdong-Hong Kong (International Financial Centre, Medicine ingredien/equipmentst-advanced Chinese Medicine, Microelectronics, Telecommunications) , Shanghai-Jiangsu-Shangdong (Commercial Aircrafts, Domestic Financial Centre-commodity futures, Engineering), Sichuan-Yunnan (military aerospace, Advanced Diesel Engines, ReInsurance?), Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (Space rockets, Energy companies, Shipbuilding, Naval Shipyards) would be doing the pinnacle industries.

Then the full industries scale provinces - Hunan, Henan, Anhui, which has 60million to nearly 100 million population. (due to weaker financial condition and consumption power)

Finally the 50% full industries scale provinces - most of the rest should be doing assembly, commodity, sub contracting to support the larger provinces and Supercentre clusters!

It's pretty unlikely for China to be able to have all provinces doing same industries......
so their natural competitive condition should be guide to what's going to happen to year 2030...
when the world would be short of the critical crude oil supplies to china!

Peaceful rise is possible when the Chinese people have reasonable expectations!

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Singaporeans are learning about THE WAY!

The MIDDLE KINGDOM has long been associated PROGRESS with diversification of lifestyles.

Man has developed in stages!
(1) Hunter
(2) Scavengers

This became more complex as man began to learn more about themselves and increase their range of skills.
(3) Nomad hunters
(4) Shifting cultivators and domestication of animals for food.

Later it improved further (well, Genghis Khan didn't think too highly of the shifting cultivators, sissy semi vegetarians!!!! ha ha ha)
(5) River basin civilization with irrigation and use of manure fertilizers.
(6) City of landlords and start of  trades
(7) Start of roaming brigands, pirates (as agriculture efficiency created unemployed humans)

Then came the development of caravan, river and canal logistics.
(8) The Merchants
(9) The Travelling circuses
(10) The City hopping Learned Gentleman - consultants in state craft!
(Confucious was one such individuals)

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Originally posted by greendragon at 2009-10-5 14:51
As we know, about 50% of the crude oil/gas is controlled by either the American Regime, it's proxy or the Russian Empire or it's proxy. China could probably obtain up to 20% of the global crude oil ...

Russia would be the most important source of energy for China in the near future.:)

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With China geographic and climatic advantage!

China developed further in creating SPECIALIZED SCALE manufacturing.

(11) Early Industrial cities.(porcelein)
(12) Plantation for commodities production. (tea)
(13) Early Mining towns.

China developed the inland LOGISTICs industry.

Xenophobia, lack of motivation, vested interest of the probably most diversified society in an empire prevented further development in China!!!!

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