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Strategies to fight American induced inflation 2008-2018 period! [Copy link] 中文

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Just look at the national economic figures!

The American Regime, between 1998 to 2008, increase size of the economy from US$10 trillion to probably US$14 trillion in 2008!
By 2010, it would probably be US$15 trillion.
The American population did not increase much, only 285 million to 300 million today!

That means the extra money went into REAL ESTATE, BOURSE, TREASURIES, or just held by central governments of the world off shore.
Meaning, more manufacturing in the USA being transfered externally to American Protectorates, MINION states that listen to dictats of the American Regime!

CHINA has now become a OFFICIAL SUPER POWER in 2009, by showing the world it can RECOVER without need of foreign powers!
so, CHINA and MALAYA-SINGAPORE-BORNEO federation needs to protect themselves against inflation.

as the US$ has increased by 50% by 2010-2011,
we do expect, and are now seeing commodity prices almost doubled or tripled in value.
only the LOW COST labour in China's assembly, the huge army of 150 million industrial workers, cheap coal energy working with the army of cheap workers in Thailand, Malaysia's foreign labour force in NORTHWEST, WEST RIAU assembly hubs, Vietnam, a bit in Bangladesh, Phillpines and in Kerala, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, India is keeping a lid on INFLATION!

However, with changes, we need to increase the VALUE of the RMB and RINGGIT/SINGAPORE DOLLAR by 50% between 2008 to 2018.
This is to protect the savings and assets of China, Malaya-Borneo-Singapore federation!

Let's target Rmb5 = US$1, M$2.5 = US$1 and S$1.15 = US$1 to avoid effect on our combined wealth!
Taiwan, Thailand should follow suit as those states have enough forex.


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If Inflationary pressure is kept low due to low wage states,

or scale, automation, greater efficiency, we do expect more and more ASSET inflations, or more Service base industries  in the American Regime, British Club, European Union and Trade Route States!

doubt it......
inflation on the paper money always happens when there is excessive minting otherwise industry will completely hollowed out to loss of competitiveness....

In 1900, the wages of a workman in the UK was probably Bpd6 to 7 a month, and loaf of bread is 7 pence.
Today, it's Bpd2,000 a month while a loaf of break cost Bpd 1.

In 1900, the wages is worth US$1,500 while loaf of bread cost Bpd 3.
So, UK has progressed due to use of automation, scale, imports from low cost states so salary increase only 25% but buying value increase 300%!
So, life has improved a lot for the British people when buying power is PROTECTED!

but the pay was Bpd6 versus Bpd2,000 today!!!! Value of paper money has fallen so much!

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inflation is the least you should worry about now.  
try jobless and slowness of economics.                   you are wacky.

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Reply #3 antimatter's post

I think we don't have unemployment problem in Malaya or Singapore just yet!

and from the reports i get in China Daily, we are already working to create jobs in China.

BRANDING is being implemented now, so that a whole range of work can be created, and a larger premium over manufacturing cost can be made.
INFRASTRUCTURE development means plenty of construction job created.....

that allows for URBAN entertainment , FINANCIAL services jobs and that new VEHICLE!!!!
Club, Beer houses, Bistros, Night clubs, Karaoke which in turn helps Fitness Centre, Spas, Restaurants, Beauty saloons, Hair Dressing, High Fashion and accessories. AND private car, or truck which builds up need for petrol station, service centre, repair workshops, accessories shop, auto resale!!!!

While Insurance, Mutual funds, Stock Brokers and Credit card sales job will boom.

and then the Real Estate market!!!!!
meaning more housing, more commercial centres.....

Isn't that happening?
I better make a visit in 2010 to check on the situation, the SHAOLIN PIPELINE GUILD squeeze on me is reducing my ability to see the going on's in China as i cannot find it convenient to visit China!

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With the huge stimulus being "said to be implemented".....

.....I do worry about a sudden dip!!!!!

so, we do preparations now, even in slower condition! It's not wacky, it's SAFETY!

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The small steps in creating a RMB ZONE is reassuring....

....that active implementation is being undertaken now.

It will protect the economic health of our region!!!!
don't want a SOUTH AMERICA, AFRICA or SOUTH INDIA situation to repeat again!

We in the Trade Route and China has probably a better position due to historical events!

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ALWAYs VIGILANT, is not crazy!


Thank you, Mr. anti matter!

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note: thank goodness, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Venezeula is implementing RMB swaps!

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