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Could Malaya-Singapore be the new BUIK SHIP centre of the world! [Copy link] 中文

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Imagine, just IRON ORE from Australia, India, South Africa, CRUDE OIL/GAS from Middle East, Africa, ASEAN, Australia northern territories fields, TIMBER, COAL, OLEO shipments from ASEAN, Australia to China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan would be in the region of 1,500 million tonnes.

In this downturn in global shipping due to overcapacity, could SINGAPORE-MALAYA be a global shipping INVESTMENT TRUST  destination. Investors from Middle East, China, Hong KOng could buy up vessels, to lease out, refit to take advantage of the tremendous needs for shpping capacity to Coastal China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan!

In Kuala Lumpur, top grade office buildings are aplenty now for GLOBAL MUTUAL FUNDs to establish SHIP OWNING INVESTMENT TRUST.  With global interest rate at a record low globally and fund shortage in key export states like Indonesia (These country just reported a defisit in balance of payment), Australia, Brazil, India and South Africa!

besides, the global shipbuilding capacity is located in three states, Japan, Korea and China while shipscrapping is nearby in India!!!

Time to "brainwash" on how to make Malaya-Singapore, the shipping owning capital!

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just remember that every few years the Chinese try to convince thailand to dig a canal through their country.  they have already offered full technical and financial assistance  (they will build it and pay for it)

I think they might do it if Singapore ever does anything they dont like.

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We need a lot of ports in South East Asia, what with the HUGE SHIPPING needs of the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM.

IT'S A GREAT IDEA to create a BULK SHIPPING industry, buy buying excess capacity of ships, and either put it on lease agreements with key commodity producers! There could be ports to store the excess capacity, and maybe take advantage of insurance at llyods, shipbuidling capacity in the northeast, and the absorbing the huge liquidity in the global market.

In fact China Shipping company could take advantage of BUIK SHIPPING INVESTMENT TRUST, to lease vessels at competitive rates.

It's a good business idea!

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Creative idea...:)

Though Singapore and Malaysia have several  huge ports resources and location advantage, but it's a long way for them to become bulk ship center.....Japan, Korea and China are now the three biggest shipbuilding countries in the world......Haha

Shipbuilding and shipbreaking usually happen at the same time no matter when shipping industy is persoperous or gloomy....As it's predicted and proven that shipping industy was been going through a reshuffle along with financial crisis....Difference companies choose different strategies.. Some take hold of this downturn as an good opportunity to extend their seaborne capacity  with low cost....But some companies especially those small-sized ones have to break down their ships or even withdraw from shipping industry due to poor financial status or competitiveness(but also some small-sized shipping enterprises take ship-scrapping as a way of financing)......

For those shipping companies holding adequate cash, they're suggested and encouraged to build more bulk ships to outperform others in the forthcoming new round  recovery of shipping industry... As we could see, BDI index had slumped to the lowest last year and now it's the rebounces period...

Any favorable policies have been made for shipbuilding in Singapore or Malaysia?
Another day , another dollars!

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anything that doesn't involve innovation will be doomed. So, the answer is No.

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Reply #4 robertcheng's post

Now there is an oversupply of BULK ships, especially with the 30% downturns in import and thus consumption in the key 5 consumption regions, China, USA, Europe, North East Asia and British Club states!

Bulk ships would be in excess suppy, needing either shipbreaking which i think is done in India, Pakistan (to take advantage of the low cost of labour to supply the electric arc steel mills. and the very competitive ship building trio, China, Korea and Japan.

A shipping trust flying the NEUTRAL FLAG of Malaya and Singapore will benefit global shipping, whether it's the terrorist threaten Australians, the expensive rules in Japan, Korea or the need for neutrality of vessel in face of global rivalry for commodities, energy, markets!!!! If Japan, Korea, China, Australia, UK, France, USA invest in SHIPPING OWNING TRUST business, it will be easy to stock up on bulk ships (which i think represents 30% of the global fleet of 50,000 vessels). and lease it to shipping companies, whose shipping requirement could change rather quickly.

(as the Australian debacle in iron ore exports has shown)

Transfering the risk of possessing non-neutral ships in Australia, Japan, Korea or maybe even China to a neutral Malaya-Singapore flagged operations would provide (1) A new investment avenue for global finance, (2) provide a new niche market near the major supply and consumer of commodities in the New Middle Kingdom linking it to Middle East and Africa!

It reduces risk of excess capacity to the Shipping companies in Asia-Australasia!

less we forget, bulk of sea farers are from nations neighbouring Malaya-Singapore such as Phillipines, Myanmar and India!

ha ha ha

So, it's a positive for all!!!!!

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