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Now We just wait for Amerikan Regime's decisions. [Copy link] 中文

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Nothing much to think about actually!

ha ha ha

Just wait for the decision of the Amerikan Regime. They are the nation indebted and most likely to take action.
and it's likely that they would re-energized their economy,
while The New Middle Kingdom rebuild their domestic consumption.


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I already know the Amerikkkan decision: death to Islam; death to Arabs; death to Palestinians; and death to all nonChristians.

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Reply #2 timbatu's post

I rather think it's more likely that we will have prolong peace and quiet struggle except in those culturally weak states.

There is so much "Lies, Deception, Double crosses" in International relationships.
News that we read might not be "what it seems".

And frankly, rationally or logically, many developments occurs because of individual initiative within a group.
It does not happen by what one person says, or write but dependent on the ability of a guild, network to produce results.

eg.  if I say let's expand Foot Reflexology to absorb unemployment, we still need INDIVIDUALs with capital, and access to shop location, and the media, word of mouth cooperation to accept the expansion of the new industry. ie. how well people are organized!

If lets say, nation A wants to destabalize states around rival nation B, and have the network, organization to make it work in nation C, D, E.....
then nation C,D, E will be destabalized.
and probably nation B will also build a network to counter the activity of nation A in nation C, D, E....

then, it depends on the INTELLIGENCE, CAPABILITY of those citizens in nation C,D, E to take advantage of nation A, and B initiative to help themselves (since  nation A, B must be rich and powerful to be able to organized such in weaker states of C, D, E.

So, it really depends on the people in those weak states and whether nation A want to do destabalization.

I think I am more confident of a more peaceful world now.

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I am pretty proud of Malaysia.....

...we manage to bury the hatchet and now working quietly to improve our nation in face of more difficult global situation.

No doubt, i do suspect many foreign states have been trying to influence events in Malaysia, or even encourage destabalization in Malaysia based on the unhappiness of certain groups of citizens, but the GREATER GOOD instincts within Malayans has prevailed. Straits of Malacca is pretty strategic and much problem could occur if there is severe inflighting instead of HEALTY COMPETITION in GENTLEMANLY manner.

and the Malayan culture is sufficiently MATURED to accept Gentlamanly competition even though we had trouble as faced by the present few leaders in Malaya. Kudo's for our first Prime Minister Tuanky Abdul Rahman, who insist on gentleman conduct.

I find it a strange adventure for myself to witness firsthand all of these in Malaysia and strangely the same in our contemporary  world situation.


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Amerikan Regime reports cat "india" died?

Wonder what it's meant to say?

Maybe India is changing tactics and no longer will be made into the "demon state" by encouraging prolific imports of crude oil whereas it's exports are insufficient and it's forex reserves are buttress by loans or short term.

or It's just USA cracking a joke on India non compliance with USA strategy.

I think USA don't bother.
Now it's got control or big influence on GCC+Mesopotamia and Canada/Mexico, it controls some 35 million barrel of crude oil to it's region of influence. So how'd you think the Amerikan REgime can have it's minting right curtailed severely?

European Unioin is weak, it is under the mercy of British Club north sea oil and gas, Russian oil and gas and supplies from Persia, North Africa and some from the Amerikan Regime.

China on the other hand now has some supply allies Central Asia, Russia, Persia, Angola, Sudan, Chad, and Venezeula. That's only potential 15 mbd?

The Amerikan Regime has upper hands.
But now it has to battle the Russians to control prices, and this is PROPAGANDA BATTLE, such as the UKRAINE gas game, and probably GAZA attention getting caper. While the African front is getting hot with soft war tactics.


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