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Man should never act as low as CNN [Copy link] 中文

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Here in Melb. the coverage has been somewhat neutral or objective

always stating reports by both sides can not be verified by independent sources.

which they have to considering no foreign media were allowed to enter for a period

I do not get CNN but I always thought CNN had a good reputation

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man should never act as low as CNN~~~~
Totally agree with that!!
I was deeple disappointed about those western medias

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I'm sure that no one of consequence takes I, or at least the facet of my personality expressed here, or Seneca seriously because I am very sure that there is no one of consequence here to take either of us seriously to begin with.
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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I have refuted all statements which accuse CNN of biased coverage, especially the insistence that the photograph was altered to change factual information. The photo was altered for reasonable editorial purposes, it carried a caption about the stone throwing. As I stated before, at the size the photo was reproduced, you cannot tell what is actually going on in the right hand of the photo and many people I have shown the full photo to believe that the activity is Chinese security forces beating people on the street. Had CNN ran the photo unaltered, the conclusion of most readers would be that the Chinese were behaving in a way they did not. You may believe that they should not have run the photo at all, given this, but that just highlights the need for broad media access.

Your other comments were dismissed because I'm defending CNN, not the entire world of Western media or even the entire world of American media. I haven't read any of the other media outlets mentioned and as such am unwilling to form any opinion of their specific coverage.

I've dismissed Raimondo because he is a personality in the state I live in and some political circles I move in; he is generally dismissed out of hand even by people generally sympathetic to an anti-American viewpoint as un-nuanced and prone to conspiracy theory. On a more personal note, I deeply dislike people dredging up political hacks like Raimondo to make a factual point. You may as well quote an editorial page.
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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Man should never behave as low as CNN.  

Cool. I despise that typical  media machine.  Next time if we see CNN staff on the streets, we will spit at them.

CNN, you are making a fool of yourself, and even the great name of U.S.A. now.

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#25 Boring ,

Your considerable talent in slip and slide is here for all of us to see . " Editorial purposes " ?!  Is this what you call journalistic bungle , non professionalism , cheating , distortion , bias , bigotry and plain stupidity ?  I forget , we ARE talking about the American forked tongue speak . Sorry .

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laincoubert :  I do not get CNN but I always thought CNN had a good reputation.

Used to in China too.   But that day I told my Grade-7 child  about how the CNN chopped the picture and left out the stone-throwing Tibetan gangsters,  even my son got annoyed.  

He said in plain language:  CNN did it intentionally!

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