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Man should never act as low as CNN [Copy link] 中文

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Sure, it's quite easy, in fact, most of the Westerners here think you're quite crazy.

(RE image) We've all seen the image, some of us even have accounts with the place it was purchased from. Those of us outside of China can certainly use the Google cache to see a history of the story. So now, tell me, why is it, if CNN was trying to slant a story, would they caption the picture with "Tibetans throw stones at army vehicles as a car burns on a street in the capital of Lhasa."? The only explanation for the initial outrage is simple: the entire thing was taken out of context by someone who hates CNN, the photo dumped onto Chinese forums without its caption. The only explanation for the continuing outrage and your behavior in particular is that there is something in China's water.

(RE defensive) CNN's statement was not "very defensive" at all. It did not accuse people of dishonesty or that the outrage was being controlled by a clique. CNN refuted allegations calmly, providing the evidence required to demonstrate that they have been providing objective coverage of the situation in China. Indeed, the very fact that you cannot find anything more, and that what has been found is nitpicky to an extreme, in the dozens of stories CNN wrote and broadcast over the course of the events demonstrates clearly that CNN's reporting was totally unbiased.

(RE Times Online) In general, the United Kingdom is an independent nation, not under US or CNN control. While CNN has offered to completely purchase the country, there has been no response to their offer.

(RE Canadian TV) Canada, likewise, is an independent country and currently under the control of neither the US nor CNN. This will change on December 23, 2009, when Canada is incorporated as states 51 through 60.

(RE Raimondo)  Raimondo's makes no mention of CNN. Indeed, it contains only two mentions of the media: with respect to the "shrill" Chinese state-controlled media and China's concerns about Olympics press coverage. Indeed, most of the article is simply the run-of-the-mill anti-Americanism he is... well... he's not famous for it because he's not really famous... ignored over. Go ahead, read the article, I'm quite certain that you haven't because, had you, you'd not bring it up in this discussion.

(RE interesting times) I already live in interesting times, sadly I must deal with boring people like yourself. Perhaps it is just me, but I never found the whack-a-mole game enjoyable, even if I must play it time and again.
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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[quote]Originally posted by interesting at 2008-3-29 17:26
Sure, it's quite easy, in fact, most of the Westerners here think you're quite crazy.

I'm sure it's of no consequence whether you think critics of CNN are "crazy", nor when you describe Chinese as "crazy". Nor when Seneca brings "yellow skin" into the argument and criticizes their "defect in intelligence" for preferring Xinhua.

In fact, I'm sure that no-one of any consequence takes you and Seneca seriously at all.

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mean what i mean...

Originally posted by seneca at 3/29/08 02:02 AM

Do you mean having yellow skin is a birth mark to owning truth and factuality????

what i was sayin is that i DONT believe any news agency would jeopardy their image & reputation by fabricatin the STORY!  somethin like that we might find only & ONLY in national gossippin tabloids.   

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The Tide is Coming In .

The Walt Disney rationalizations for the malicious acts of falsification of news is as interesting as the crime itself !  I wish to point out the basis of this " mistake " . It is not a mistake , it is a deliberate act . An act coming out of disdain for the non whites , especially the Chinese because they are being presented as the next demonic monster : pinching the whites' jobs , selling them cheap goods , threatening them militarily and challenging their hegemony everywhere . It is the re-sharpened end of the old colonial supremacist attitude .  Dismissive of the " natives " , who cares ?   

This world wide reaction shows that the victims CARE . With a concerted and united voice , we can make the difference .  Like the black civil rights of the 60s , our Chinese Rights movement should continue till we are treated as equal .  Don't let up !

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Western Media

I am in the West right now, and the coverage is all pro-separatism, as if the Tibetan people are being oppressed.
Western media is a product of its culture and it is decidedly anti-socialist. It still has a latent "cold-war" mentality.It will continue to nag away at China in order to subvert the Chinese socialist republic (and any other socialist republics independent of the USA).
All China can do really is remain vigilant and counter the Western propoganda with educated and understandable political education and counter opinion, especially for its citizens.
It is also a valuable lesson for Chinese media such as CCTV, to learn from these Western journalistic farces and to move towards balanced and professional journalism as China becomes more important and dominent on the world stage.The people of the world deserve a truthful, equal, and intelligent reporting of events.

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It's clear, then, that by "West" you do not mean "United States" because I live here and there isn't any pro-separatism coverage.
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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Thanks for the compliment...!!!

Seriously, I was very surprised. Who would have thought that a bore like me would draw so much attention, time, space and energy from anyone, especially you. Now that's INTERESTING! I know you'll deny it the way CNN denied it distorted the photograph. But really, you shouldn't be so modest, you precious little thing you!!! Thank you!

Most of the westerners here think I'm crazy, you say? Really? You mean they are actually talking about me? And I'm just a newcomer? Now that's INTERESTING. To think a bore like me can create this sort of buzz? I hope you tell me more about what they say! I would find that very INTERESTING...!!!

Niceties aside I have to tell you I was deeply disappointed by your reply to my post, especially the last part where you dismiss Times Online, CBC in Canada and Justin Raimondo of I guess you must have been bored? Was it the way I wrote it? Did that bore you? Maybe the words I wrote bored you? Or was it just the facts...? It is true that dry facts can be boring, albeit INTERESTING at the same time...sighhhhhh...

But I am happy for you that you already live in INTERESTING times. We all are now, aren't we? Thanks to the Chinese! Especially since they have finally woken up to the lies and deliberate distortions of the western media. I find that so INTERESTING!!!!

Now you may return to your mole-in-the-hole game and bang away as if you haven't had...oh, I refuse to say it. It might bore you... (*_^)

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