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Man should never act as low as CNN [Copy link] 中文

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Is that really the best you have?

CNN called the riots "riots", they can't be hiding the violence when they are reporting the violent nature of the rioting! I'm really starting to believe that "Chinese netizens" are just searching for reasons to be offended.
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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CNN's official response.

(CNN) -- CNN has been singled out for criticism for our coverage of events in Tibet through an Web site and elsewhere. We have provided comprehensive coverage of all sides of this story, but two specific allegations relate to pro-Tibetan bias. We would like to take this chance to respond to them:

Allegation 1: CNN intentionally cropped an image in order to remove Tibetan protesters throwing stones at Chinese trucks.

CNN refutes all allegations by bloggers that it distorts its coverage of the events in Tibet to portray either side in a more favorable light. We have consistently and repeatedly shown all sides of this story. The one image in question was used wholly appropriately in the specific editorial context and there could be no confusion regarding what it was showing, not least because it was captioned: "Tibetans throw stones at army vehicles on a street in the capital Lhasa." The picture gallery included in Tibet stories includes the image. (See the gallery)

We have also published images showing violence by Tibetans against the Chinese. A March 18 story shows Tibetan youths attacking a Chinese man. (Read the story)

Additionally, we have published video from the Chinese media apparently showing Tibetans attacking Chinese interests in Lhasa. Video (Watch the video) »

Allegation 2: CNN referred to Tibet as a "country."

CNN's policy is to refer to Tibet as "Tibet Autonomous Region of China." In our dozens of stories on the topic to date, we are aware of only two instances where it was incorrectly referenced as a country.

CNN's reputation is based on reporting global news accurately and impartially, while our coverage through the use of words, images or video always reflects a wide range of opinions and points of view on every story.
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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CNN reporter will openly lie with a straight face.

one example is when CNN reporter in BEIJING says this infront of the camera.

A while ago one chinese man is about to hand me a tape but he was immediately taken away by cxhinese police.I have'nt heard from him again.

suggestin that the mentioned man may have been tortured.

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The pruning season is here .

The CNN's mickey mouse response is the death wish for the organization . It is pure defiance and denial in the face of being caught pants down and arms in the till . Nasty and shameful . But like some " principled " Americans who still claim that Iraq is the land of milk and honey ,CNN is going to weather the storm .

The world is the judge , not you CNN . Your reputation is tarnished and your trustworthiness smashed . No matter how you like to turn it around , you will have to wear the odor and stench .

It is great to see the rest of the world rising up and telling the emperor he is without clothes and he is no longer the emperor at all .

That " born to rule " attitude needs a big pruning back .

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Thank God...

The Chinese have finally awakened!!! Would CNN have made any attempt to defend itself if the entire Chinese nation, especially the youthful bloggers, had kept quiet? Definitely no!

It's effort at defending itself (weak attempt) is a good sign. It's on the defensive because it now knows that it isn't the Chinese government that is the issue here, but the PEOPLES of China...

The Chinese people have been patient, polite and silent for too long! Time to protect the integrity and sovereignty of China. What is alarming to some westerners is that the Chinese are ready to do exactly that.

Many of them actually thought that the Chinese wanted to overthrow the government, that they were just waiting for the right moment. Well, surprise, surprise! From now on when dealing with China it is the Chinese peoples they'll be dealing with. Not just the government...

Time for those westerners to grow up...!!!!

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# 15 Reply to huang_wei ,

Well sir , do I take it as a compliment that you have  devoted your very first post in taking me to the cleaners in no uncertain terms ?  It is a record I am sure .

Let me defend myself please . I have been engaged in a debate here about the western media's unconscionable  and prejudiced behavior in reporting the riots in Tbt . I have attempted to show ( as are many many others ) , with examples , that BBC ,CNN , German N-TV ..... seem to be in conspiracy to blacken my country's name . If I have been a little unkind , undiplomatic and unpolished , I meant to be. My venom is directed at the western journalists and professionals running these establishment , not white people .

I am surprised that you , claiming to be a Chinese , should take me to task over this .What would you like me to do . Roll over and play dead as the colonialists demanded of our forebears ? To do that is not to endear yourself to these bigots . It only encourages more abuse . You will learn as you grow up .

I would like you to apologize to me for the unwarranted spray and spit you delivered . You either produce your points to defend your view that I should not be " racist " when the white race ( a handful ) kicked me in the shin, or hold your peace.  I have not used the " white " card . My description of " born to rule " referred to the criminal journalists.  

Welcome to the forum . It can only get better from here , for you ,huh ?

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INTERESTING how the world has become a better place...!!!

Yes, indeed, it is wonderful to see the Chinese finally wake up. It's INTERESTING, too, to see how some people don't like that!  I wonder why? But, you know, you can't stop progress. The world is certainly a far better place for it. But they don't see it....

INTERESTING how these people also won't see the obvious; CNN deliberately crops a picture to slant a story its way and these people refuse to see that. Maybe their big egos blind them? INTERESTING how these people say that the west has now 'learned the Chinese are crazy'. Oh? How do these people know that? Now that is INTERESTING. They speak for the entire west> Or maybe their ego has gone amuck...?

I find it INTERESTING that CNN was very defensive in its explanation. It's also INTERESTING that the Times Online ran a similar defensive piece of its own. And at the end they said that western media should be more sensitive about stereotyping the Chinese! Hahaha! Now that is so INTERESTING! Even more INTERESTING is the fact that two German TV stations actually apologised for their misconducts. Wooooo, it's all so suddenly INTERESTING, isn't it?

INTERESTING too that on Canadian T.V. last night there was a piece hinting of 'racism' directed against the Chinese by the rioters. An eyewitness, white fellow, pretty much said so. Also in a fine article on, Justin Raimondo went further and stated boldly that the attacks on China by these western liberals had a tone of 'veiled-racism' to them. My, my! It really is INTERESTING how all these little facts come together, isn't it? INTERESTING how the truth eventually comes out, isn't it...?

Well, as the Chinese like to say; May you live in INTERESTING times...(or something like that).
Now the meaning of that is really INTERESTING...

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