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Man should never act as low as CNN [Copy link] 中文

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where did you get this info...

and i am pretty sure the chinese's government can sue/embarrass CNN for the alteration of the picture as well as the original story itself  

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thanks to Internet,  and more and more Chinese students who can freely browse English websites, and tell what is truth, what is not.

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Yeah, now chinese government and  western world should change their mind when handle chinese puplic affairs because of internet.

We are sorry seeing CNN and western world are keeping blind on chinese folk strength, and skeptically think all anti western medieas activities are sponsored by chinese government. They are now old style, they are underestimating normal chinese people, which misleads them to a wrong way.

If they can/t deal with chinese folk power and ignore their views, the whole western medieas will be laughted by China like now, they are now losing their reputation and respect, just some liars and jerks for chinese people,

Yes, man should never act as low as cnn!

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Among western news media who covered the riots in Tibet earlier this month, the US-based Cable News Network (CNN) was a markable one for its serious distortion of  the truth and betrayal of basic journalistic ethics. The so-called western mainstream media organization posted a picture showing a bunch of people running in front of a  military vehicle on the street of Lhasa. However,  Chinese netizens found that the right side of the original picture, which was cropped out by CNN, shows some rioters throwing stones at the vehicle. The flying stones, burning motorcycles and insane mobsters throwing stones are still visible from the original picture

Getting the taste of the western media?
This is just a single example, you got to get ready for a lot more

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A quick summary of the situation so far:

CNN: cropped a picture to show people running in front of a military vehicle
Distorted reporting? Not at all, plenty of people were running in front of military vehicles (had CNN been allowed to report from Lhasa, they could have taken hundreds of pictures of this)

BBC: “There is a heavy military presence in Lhasa”
Distorted reporting? Absolutely not, there WAS heavy military presence in Lhasa. To state: "no military presence" or "little military presence" WOULD be distorted reporting. It doesn't MATTER that the photo showed an ambulance (had BBC been allowed to report from Lhasa, they could have taken hundreds of pictures of the heavy military presence in Lhasa).

Berlin Morgenpost: "insurrectionist taken away by police"
Distorted reporting? Absolutely not, insurrectionists WERE taken away by the police. To state: police failed to take away insurrectionists WOULD be distorted reporting. Obviously, it's a mistake to show a photo of some other activity taking place, but it doesn't change the fact that the paper reported the truth: insurrectionists WERE taken away by the police. Again, had they been allowed to actually report from Lhasa, they would have had no difficulties presenting plenty of photos of insurrectionists being taken away by the police.

Fox: "Chinese military dragged some protesters onto a vehicle"
Distorted reporting? Hardly. It seems HIGHLY plausible that plenty of protesters were dragged onto Chinese vehicles. That's how most countries would arrest protesters. We can be fairly sure that had Fox been allowed to report from Lhasa, they would have had no difficulties presenting plenty of photos of protesters being dragged onto vehicles.

Now, luckily for all of us, I've JUST received the following revised statement from BBC together with an APOLOGY and a plea to CD not to take legal actions:

"There was NO military presence or military vehicles in Lhasa and NO insurrectionists were arrested by the police. Since nobody has been arrested so far, NO protesters has been put on any vehicles whatsoever. In fact, there were NO riots in T/bet at all. We now know (thanks to photos from Fox TV) that it ALL happened in Nepal."

Now that's what I call ACCURATE and UNBIASED reporting


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Gutteer Press takes on a new meaning .

Thank you basket for the summary and details of those examples of criminal " journalism ". The Chinese and most of the world are alerted and made aware of this now  , helped along with internet .  The protests on forums around the world too demonstrate that the network and spread of news has reached a new and high plateau .

As the old saying goes  " You can fool some people all the time : all the people some of the time : but not all people all the time ."

This " revelation " is not new . For many a long decade , the west has their hands on the loudest megaphone . They are used to dishing out crafted and created stories , with twists and tuck , to suit their agenda . They have always been in the business of information hegemony . They cover their sins and often turn them round to accuse the victims of crimes .  Eg : The Palestinians kill only " innocent civilians " but the Israelis always kill " terrorists " .  Haha and humbug with hypocrisy .

I hope there is still some decency left amongst the media profession in the west , to apologize and to mend their ways. Is this too forlorn a hope to wish ?  Time will tell .

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