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Malaysia decides! Election 2008. [Copy link] 中文

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The Prime Minister of Malaysia called for elections on the 13th February 2008.

This election is interesting as it marks the CROSSROADs whereas Malaysia politics break racial barriers, only to be hit by class barriers.
This is the result of the success of the NATIONAL FRONT (Barisan Nasional or "BN") in improving the lot of the indigeneous people.

As we all know, Malaya has basically 4 regions. These are
(1) Patani influence region.
(2) Central region -which is Guandongnese, Minang/bugis, and Tamil populated.
(3) Riau region
(4) and the Commodity rich Native region in Borneo.

The success of the Riau's meant that CLASS STRUGGLE is now being brought to the forefront.
We now have (1) UMNO - centre right, aristocrats, (2) PKR - centre left, middle class, (3) PAS - leftist, religious

While the Chinese are long split 3 ways (1) MCA - centre right, (2) Gerakan - centre left, middle class, (3) DAP - left, aristocratic.
the Indians are mostly representated by (1) MIC - tamil left, working class, and the natives mainly by (1) PBB-SUPP alliance, (2) PBS and other minor parties.

Each region has around 25% of the parliamentary seats.

Analysing this would be rather interesting game for all of us!


Happy Gaming, Malaysia Decides, Election 2008!

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Originally posted by greendragon at 2008-2-14 10:56
The Prime Minister of Malaysia called for elections on the 13th February 2008.

This election is interesting as it marks the CROSSROADs whereas Malaysia politics break racial barriers, only to be ...

& Bukit Bintang decides all for Malaysia with her Brightness Starhill
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Reply #2 caringhk's post

STAR wars?

Hmmm, not likely yet!

We have not developed that culture yet.

It's still BRANDING WAR now!

ha ha ha

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Originally posted by greendragon at 2008-2-14 11:09
STAR wars?

Hmmm, not likely yet!

We have not developed that culture yet.

It's still BRANDING WAR now!

ha ha ha

Green DRagon

so is yr brand - pao ka liao or semua pun bolih???
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Reply #4 caringhk's post

If i have INFLUENCE, i would try to have STARs and BRANDs battles as well.

Stars, create or tend to attract INDIVIDUAL to speak up.
Brands, on the other hand only works on GROUPTHINK.

If, I am a STAR, i would encourage LOCAL ELECTIONS.
You could build up STARs, with good talking, rational, work record....just like the EX MAYOR of subang jaya, NOW improving conditions in KUALA LUMPUR.

ah! Uncle Lee is a STAR in Singapore while he is keen in building up BRAND image!

get it!

ha ha  ha

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Strange? Election in Central region is mild.....

...compared to the news of "chinese discontent" in Hong Kong and Singapore newspapers?

Imagine, no flags, posters in the central region?
i imagine quiet affair in the central region and native regions.

It appears the LEFT WING, religious PAS with their new proxies PKR and DAP is giving a tough challenge in rural and suburban districts.
as expected, DAP should retain the "working class chinese majority districts" in Cheras, Kepong, Bukit Bintang....
while the "middle class district" will vote for the right-centre MCA in Petaling Jaya north, south, subang jaya, kelana jaya, Puchong, etc.

the voting pattern seem entrenched!
However the rural region is interesting, flags, poster war were already running in key Patani districts of Kedah, Kelantan and Terrenganu before the elections were called.

The new PAS proxy, PKR, DAP is challenging strongly in semi urban regions especially Penang, Kedah, Selangor and Johor.

Without question, Riau, Native and Central region sentiments will ensure NATIONAL FRONT victory in the 2008 elections.

What is interesting to see is how much gains has the core Left wing, Religious PAS party has gained with it's chinese proxy DAP, and middle class PKR.


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From Malaysia web forum:

Global forces converging on Malaysia.

The collision of Western Civilization of Democracy/Capitalism (present Government)  vs Eastern Civilization of Communist/Socialism and Middle East Islamic theocracy.

12th Malaysia General Election, Malaysia抯 Battle of Sekigahara

On the ?month of the reign of His Majesty, the 13th King of Malaysia, the armies of Western lords and Eastern lords clashed to decide the fate and the soul of the nation.

A final and decisive battle between the armies of the reigning warlords and the challenging warlords.

The collision of Malaysia抯 social forces is inevitable.
The peasants, the workers, the professionals, the capitalists, the ruling elites and the government civil servants are heading for the ultimate historical showdown.

For the first time in Malaysia抯 history, the rebel army of fishermen of Eastern coast link up with the farmers of Northern plain to form the largest contingents of yari ashigaru army.

War banners fluttered. Spears glistened. Swords sharpened. Battle-drums beaten. Armors donned. Horses neighed. All men mustered and soldiers are arrayed in formations.

Both sides deployed their armies. Both sides sized up their opponent.

The Eastern army, the challenging army, the peasant army, is mainly consisted of spearmen, swordsmen, light cavalry and archers from various united factions.

Among their ranks, are the white head cap religious sect warriors (Islamic clergy class) wielding naginata as in warrior Buddhist monks Ikko-ikki in 16th century feudal Japan.

Their main stronghold is the north-eastern province of Kelantan as in Mount Hiei in Japan.

Their war banner has the moon symbol.

A small contingent of red-blood heavily armored samurai warriors too are among the Eastern army抯 ranks. They are the leaders of the contingents of middle-class samurai. Sword 揔ensai?are rumored to be among their ranks.

Their famous battle-cries are 揟he East is Red!?or 揙verthrow Chin, Restore Ming!?

Their war banner has the rocket symbol with a blazing red trail.

They are probably the most deadly swordsmen on the battlefield.
They have all mastered the invincible 揌orse-slaying?technique, especially for targeting and bringing down enemy horsemen, the elite ruling nobility class.

Finally, the remainder ranks of Eastern army are the rag-tag, thinly-armored, lower to middle-class samurai swordsmen, peasants-spearmen and archers under the 揗oon?and 揈ye in blue?war banner.

For them, the general of an army may be defeated but not the determined mind of a peasant. They have everything to gain and nothing to lose in this titanic conflict.

The Western army has their ranks filled to the brim with professional well-trained soldiers such as samurai swordsmen, yari spearmen, archers and numerous heavy cavalry.

The Western army is consisted of the ruling elites, the capitalists and sizeable portion of the professionals, workers and the government civil servants.

War banners of symbol characters and shapes of 揇acing? 揗etal? 揥ater? 揗oney Conquers All?and others can be clearly seen within their ranks.

Their battle-cries 揅apitalists Unite!!!? 揈ngineers unite!!? 揂ccountants unite!!?can be heard miles away.

The Eastern army made their first move. The main bulk of the armies advanced slowly and steadily toward the outnumbered, thinly spread-out yari spearmen of the Western army.

As the Eastern army got nearer and within striking range, the reigning warlord gave the order by waving his war fan.

The Western army抯 archers (middle-class government civil servants boosted by salaries increment) stepped forward. Arrows notched and loosened.

Showers after showers of deadly arrows rained with great accuracy down upon the ranks of Eastern army.

Fast projectiles such as arrows are effective weapon against a slow-lumbering movement of an army of yari ashigaru.

Men howled in pain as they were cut down but the peasant抯 army pressed onward!!!
The magnitude of their numbers shall carry the day!!!

As soon as the Eastern army抯 frontline approached within striking distance, a signal flag fluttered from the challenging warlords?headquarter camp.
The Eastern army抯 archers halted and opened fire on the Western army抯 archers!

Arrows whistled overhead as samurai archers on both sides are now engaging in their own duels.

The peasant抯 army main frontline attack thrust is lead and spearheaded by the naginata warrior-monks as they once demonstrated in the BERSIH rally.

With the enemy抯 arrows diverted, they charged forward like men possessed and crashed into the Western army抯 center defensive frontline.

The Eastern army抯 frontline spearmen opened ranks and out burst the samurai swordsmen (middle-class and lower-class samurai) charging forward to join the naginata-wielding warrior-monks.

Swords clashed against spears. The Western army抯 yari spearmen wavered as the momentum charge of the Eastern army抯 swordsmen impacted upon them.

Holes and gaps are seen forming on the Western army抯 frontline and at this crucial moment, suddenly the Eastern army抯 frontline yari ashigaru spearmen broke ranks and they too charged forward to join in the heated melee.

The reigning warlord upon surveying the unfolding scene hissed and cursed.
The enemy samurai swordsmen should not be allowed to press onto his samurai archers?ranks.
An enemy 揝word Kensai?(professional lawyer) among the ranks of his archers can spell disastrous for the Western army.

He waved his war fan. His Signal corps officer obeyed.

The Western army抯 samurai swordsmen unsheathed their katanas and charged into the fray!

The Dark-skinned warlord (Samy) is busy spurring his men onward from his war house and he too is caught in the middle of the maelstrom of swords and spears. He hacked and slashed desperately!!

Another flag fluttered and the white-armored samurai contingents of the Western army under 揗oney Conquers All?banner (MCA) soon joined in the fray.

The battle of attrition intensified at the frontline as more commanders on both sides lead their men to engage their enemies.

Both sides were still able to hold their own lines. Swords clashed against swords. Limbs chopped off. Bloodcurdling screams filled the air. The melee was a deadlock with no either side appeared to gain the upper hand. be continue.....................

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