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Black Inventors [Copy link] 中文

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Most of drumming equipement have been invented by black musiciens.
A huge contribution !!!

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A Thread Dedicated to Ethnicity and Intelligence ?

I thought the epistemological evidence of ethics, ethnics, and PC panels had already decided as axiomatic that intelligence is not based on ethnicity.

I thought that the boundless discussions on this had already resolved that the idea of colour or race with regard to what can and cannot be achieved by human individuals was a nonsense.

I thought that the concept of electivity, discovery, inventiveness and necessity had already been judged as now just purely academic, and based purely on socio-economic factors.

Yet, here is a thread, all nine pages, that show an apotheosis of the proclivities of the colour black in humans as somehow overtly fecund and intelligent, and an antithesis of what has been accepted as modern and empirical.

Is this thread a kind of cathartic counter racism?

Or the tendentious ideals of negrophiliacs.

Might it even be an attempt to have it both ways?

The veracity of the thread is vitiated by the naivety of the same.

Shi-shi qiu shi:  Ban Gu

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Swiss Rolls.     

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Black Student Helps Make Car That Gets More Than 400 Miles Per Gallon

Post by Casey Gane-McCalla         in Nation         on Aug 25, 2010

A car designed by students and mentors in De Lae County High School in Kansas have developed a car that can get more than 400 miles per gallon. One of those students was Kelvin Dooley who spoke to a news team about the amazing invention. THe experience he had made him change his dreams from being a basketball player to being an engineer.
the anglos are rsponsible for ...

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Ancient Egypt treasure gate unearthed in Luxor

By Agence France-Presse
Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

CAIRO — Egyptian and French archaeologists have unearthed a 2,700-year-old stone gate belonging to Nubian King Shabaka while digging near Luxor's Karnak temple, the ministry of antiquities said on Sunday.

The gate, which was found to be "in good condition," once led to the room holding the king's treasures, the ministry said.

"It is the first time an item of the 25th dynasty has been found in such good condition, and wasn't ruined by the 26th dynasty," Mansur Boraik, the Egyptian head of the Franco-Egyptian Research Centre of the Temples of Karnak, told AFP.

The large stone door features colourful engravings that depict King Shabaka offering the goddess of truth, Maat, to the god Amun Raa, the chief deity.

"The Egyptian-French mission succeeded in making important discoveries from the 18th to the 25th dynasties," minister of state for antiquities Zahi Hawass said in a statement.

The mission also unearthed a stone wall surrounding the temple of Ptah, the chief god of the city of Memphis. His temple had been built on the site of an earlier Middle Kingdom temple, and restored by Shabaka.

The Franco-Egyptian Centre has been working to open the temple to visitors next winter and plans to put Shabaka's gate on display.

"The discovery shows that the temple of Karnak still has many secrets to be uncovered and it will do for years to come," the centre's Dominique Valbelle was quoted as saying in the ministry statement.

Shabaka established the capital at Thebes and was believed to have invested great effort in restoring religious architecture.

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Lord Lucifer:

Throughout the years I have witnessed many Black Americans who are geniuses and inventors who are not allowed by the Anglos to take credit for their superior workmanship. What you are witnessing now is the backfiring of the wickedness. You have "some" white people who want it all not realizing their behavior does not reflect intellect of what they "claim" they have created. ... -a-letter-to-lowes/

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Harvard Research on US Math Poor Performance

Forty-one 41% Whites are proficient in PISA math analyzed scores.

Fourteen 14% Hispanics are proficient.

For BLACKs, the number is 11%. Nine out of ten blacks have poor math.

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