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Singapore to consider PRESIDENTIAL GUARDS! [Copy link] 中文

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Singapore government is considering the introduction of PRESIDENTIAL GUARD units (akin to IMPERIAL GUARDS of ancient China, or ROMAN empire)!!!!!

This will add colour and spice to the local scene in South East Asia!

The Minister Mentor appears to have suggested the introduction of the PRESIDENTIAL GUARDS to protect against MILITARY COUPs. This follows after the UNUSUAL COUP in Thailand, where Palace Loyalist staged a coup with backing of the YELLOW SHIRT of the Bangkok Elites!

I hope this means WE can see COLOURFUL passing of guard...akin to the BEEFEATERS, or the SWISS GUARDS. The Singapore is considering employing NEUTRAL NEPALI soldiers in the new guards!

This will be a sight to see!
I will make a visit to enjoy so many new attractions in Singapore in next few years!

(1) 2 Casino complex
(2) A new shopping entertainment by SHK of HOng Kong on Orchard Road
(3) New Presidential guards at the Istana
(4) A new Award winning Library
(5) Renovated museum
(6) maybe expanded MARINA and PRIVATE JET airport
(7) theatre galore....?

Asia! The sight and sound delight!

Green Dragon

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Singapore Temasek will part-finance the under class in Singapore!

With the huge surplus of the Government!

Minister Mentor Lee (aka Old Man) is wondering the percentage of subsidy to be provided to the bottom 30% of Singapore. Green Dragon has suggested the following:-

(1) No subsidy of simple pain and ache medical fee. Those are cheap, not more than Rmb 50 to 100 per visit to a GENERAL PRACTITIONER or HERBALIST (or barefoot doctor of China's fame).

Up to 80% subsidy for 1st 3 serious illness. This can be paid to CPF of low income holders to buy MEDICAL INSURANCE.

(2) Term Life Insurance for the bottom 30% before age of 65! (before retirement age)....Maybe in a MRTA -like system equivalent to 50% of the income of the bottom 25% (ie.  Rmb2.0 mil to nil....when aged 65)

(3) School subsidy, wiping out school fees and providing "revolving lend books" to the bottom 30%. A system of LOANs and SCHOLARSHIP for bottom 50% income (based on IRS reports)......for tertiary/technical education.

(4) Utilities subsidy to part pay for the bottom 30%!

and of course, my favourite....

(5) Increase returns to the CPF members pension fund! (compare to the measly 3.5% average now!!!)

Do reasonable PROFIT RESERVES in the Temasek Trust Fund, maybe additional 25% to maximum 50%! And please continue the GOOD JOB of having 16% returns on the MOST SUCCESSFUL TRUST FUND in the WORLD!!!!!

Green Dragon

Note: The amount of subsidy should be reported, and the quantum of annual subsidy will depend on "performance" of the TRUST FUND. This will encourage the ruling "government of the day" to INVEST in SAFE and DEPENDABLE ASSETS.

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Winning the hearts and minds of the citizens is crucial....

..and having a cooperative independent, "above the fray" local gentleman elite is a good balance and addition to good governance!

Singaporean developments will be looked in GREAT INTEREST by all governments in the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM as a MODEL for testing of new ideas!


Green Dragon

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Singapore expands ties with Vietnam!

Vietnam also known as SOUTHERN YUE, is ripe for MIDDLE KINGDOM investments! The nation has been LEFT BEHIND in the rapid economic development in the FAR EAST.

It is about time for Singapore and Hong Kong to jump start economic development in Vietnam.

CHOLON region is a good place to start!

Green Dragon

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Singapore improve ties with Hong Kong elites! about "winning heart and minds"....

This just in.....almost all the 2006 land sales worth some Rmb30 billion in Singapore was made to either solely Hong Kong or JV with Hong Kong companies. Biggest beneficiaries are SHK!!!!! Within Singapore itself, a local Hong Kong transplant company; Wing Tai Ltd reported a revenue of almost Rmb5 billion or equivalent to almost 10% of the private housing market!

Gosh..... i am begining to LOVE SINGAPORE also!

ha ha ha

Green Dragon
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Singapore strengthen ties with Malayan elites!

It only gets better!

Singapore has a stream of announcement that would make "any lady blush"!!! It has provided a Malayan company YTL, sites at SENTOSA COVE, the Asian Capri!!!! In addition there is possibility of GENTING Ltd. will be given the SENTOSA THEME PARK - casino!

Hooooray Singapore!

Interlinking system of FRIENDS and BUSINESS LINKS will strengthen the BROTHERHOOD in the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM!

I love Singapore!

Green Dragon
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Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew "practises" responsible manipulation!

Recently Minister Mentor Lee did a simple speech...

basically "Chinese people in Malaya and Indonesia has been marginalized by the ruling government of the day"

as usual, it was the "ruling native elites which responded"....

with denials!

Minister Mentor did not further "elaborate".....
It seems Minister Mentor has drop the "Jew Kongfu" and now is becoming a responsible member of the ASEAN core community.
(His statement was actually a counter to a Riau leader speech on "marginalization of natives" in the predominantly sino populated island of Penang!)

Cheeerios for positive manipulation!

Green Dragon
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