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Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong...... [Copy link] 中文

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...ASEAN core of the New Middle Kingdom is fast becoming as big as the economy of the United States!

Look at some statistics....
(1) Population = around 300 million people.
(2) Car production capacity = 16 million vehicles.
(3) Car purchase in these region = 11 million vehicles.

the weakest, Thailand already imports some 15% - 20% of its garment needs from China to Singapore who imports up to 80% of its garment requirement. The biggest would be Japan.

(4) GNP per capita = US$22,900 average.
(5) Crude oil usage = 10.5 mbd
(6) Plastic consumption = around 70kg/capita

It's market value to China......more important compared to USA who imports only 15% to 25% of its consumable or light durable requirement from China!

SO FEAR NOT the expected 2007 recession in the United States!

Green Dragon
Game Master

Note: China's own super centers has population of 300 million. It consumes nearly 50% of Europe's material needs!

(1) Population = app. 300 million
(2) GNP per capita = app US$5,000
(3) Vehicles sales = 6 million vehicles
(4) Crude oil usage = 4.5 mbd
(5) Plastic  consumption = around 30kg/capita

and while growth of 5% average in non-Mainland New Middle Kingdom, China's portion of the New Middle Kingdom is booming at 10% flatout!

conclusion: Take it easy! Just be wary of more Amerikan Tomfoolery!

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Crude oil, commodity and vital sea routes.

Mr. Najib, the Defense Minister of Malaysia.
Please take note of the strange anomoly happening in Malaya!

If we look at history, world powers pays a lot of emphasis on the 3 keys to being super powers. This include control of the sea routes, control of crude oil supply and markets and supply of commodity from their area of hinterland influence.

Malaysia has our own hinterland, (being a supercenter itself)...mainly concentrated in Sumatra and Borneo.

To myself, i found it strange the British Petroleum Ltd. would withdraw from the KEY BRAND BUILDING excercise of having Petrol Stations in Malaya even when it is building so many new ones in China! So we called for the strengthening of BRITISH CLUB TIES!

Now, rumours are already circulating of EXXON MOBIL Ltd. INTENTIONs to withdraw from the Malaya market!

This should create ALARM BELLS at the DEFENSE MINISTRY!!!!

The Amerikans fought to replace the PERSIAN government to keep oil supply stranglehold.
The Amerikans again invaded IRAQ to threaten and keep the Arabs allies.
The Amerikans pays ISRAEL billions a year to keep the Arabs busy.
The Germans, French uses diesel, in order to have surplus GASOLINE to export to the United States to force the Amerikans to keep the oil supply lines to Europe safe.

The Germans build peaceful relationships with Russian Federation to maintain some independent foreign policy.
The Japanese agrees with virtually everything the Amerikan Regime says because of the same control.
Recently Singapore created a SHANGHAI STOCK INDEX, that same one that brought down the Japanese bubble economy......even when China has bribed Singapore with some 2% of its banking asset.

and here, we have BOUSTEAD BERHAD happily buying over BP petrol stations and probably EXXON MOBIL petrol station.......

I have a conspiracy theory...

THE AMERIKAN REGIME intends to destabalized Indonesia soon...
Selling off assets would reduce their losses in the region...
LET THE AMERIKANS keep EXXON MOBIL petrol stations....
in FACT, let the BRITISH keep the BP petrol Stations...
BRIBE THEM......(alas, Petronas already controls 50% of the fuel market!!!)

In the meantime, strengthen our RAPID DEPLOY forces for peacekeeping in Sumatra and Borneo.

Green Dragon
Conspiracy Theory Master

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To the Indonesian Government.....

..BRIBES are essential in the world of diplomacy.

People trade product lines, commodity, routes and build great armies to protect their territories. I suspect trouble brewing for Indonesia, and Southern Phillpines..primarily SUMATRA, BORNEO and PAPUA where the bulk of the COMMODITIES, CRUDE OIL, GAS, COAL and METAL ORES are located.

The actions of INDONESIAN politicians of GRABBING away the BRITISH, AMERIKAN operations for harvesting those minereals has created BAD KARMA for Indonesia. Destabalizing Indonesia would not COST the Amerikans much losses....

and might even unleash WAR in the North East.

Alas i feel, Indonesia and Southern Phillpines might be sacrifized like a CHICKEN. Do some bribing.....yet i is not enough for Amerikan Regime strategies to keep to no.1 in the world.

Look, the Amerikans...
(1) Destroyed the French colonies in the Americas.
(2) It demolish the Spanish Empire around the world and even fought it in Phillpines, well outside the Americas.
(3) It encouraged Germany to HAMMER THE BRITISH EMPIRE, to keep SMALL and PLIANT to Amerikan Regime control.
(4) It kept Germany and Japan under control, two very technical competant nations.
(5) and it is trying to CONTAIN CHINA.

Indonesian need to keep guard....and do some bribes necessary to protect its sovereignity.

Green Dragon
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Mr. Najib...forget sending our precious armed forces to Lebanon..

....we need those soldiers in Malaya!

Green Dragon
Conspiracy Theory Master

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