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How to help Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi... [Copy link] 中文

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..if China wants to increase its influence in the South African area, it could improve its strategic endevours and give the "British Club" a "run for its money"!!!!

At the moment, South Africa is conduit of much of South African riches. As the Black indigeneous people are not very "sophisticated" culture, they do not have much of a consumption, production habit.....and as such "MUCH" surplus commodities is available for export.

For instance..South Africa exports some US$50 billion (estimated) in 2005!

This consist of voluminious commodity such as
(1) Coal
(2) Iron ore
(3) Pulp
(4) Gold
(5) Diamond etc.
(6) Niche minereals such as Chromium.

Rule of thumb @if US$200/tonne.....South Africa would have 250 million tonnes of cargo to move!!!!! That'll already made it a logistic hub!!!!

Then cargo from Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia moves by RAIL or ROAD to the ports in South AFrica...increase the volume!

For CHINA and the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM to circumvent and give the BRITISH CLUB a "run for its money"...(it'll be difficult but it would be fun!!!!)


and use Major MIDDLE KINGDOM shipping company to assist such as APL-NOL, COSCO, EVERGREEN etc....

Using the INDUSTRIAL economy of the New Middle kingdom as lure of markets...we could develop more MINING and AGRICULTURAL produce in those nations. would have only US$7 to US$10 billion to begin with or 30 million tonnes to begin with....very much smaller.....

But Madagascar speaks French, Mozambique speaks Portugese and both are quite unstable nations???????

a lot of compete!

Green Dragon
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The 3 core areas of Africa...mostly British legacy!

This are Nigeria, South AFrica and Egypt.

However Egypt is "kaput", export is very bad due to "non access to network for commerce"!!!!!

So now it is Nigeria and South Africa!

China strategy is to develop resources of nations "destabalized" around the SUPER CENTERs created by the British Sudan, Angola, Mozambique.

Developing RESOURCES of improverish nation is a BRITISH EXPERTISE!

It's not only the simple aspect of having a PORT at a strategic location.
It also mean creating enough cargo to be shipped and distributed.

IN the past, the market was generally EUROPE....France, Germany, Italy and Great Britain.

Later the Americans became a powerful market and the British allied itself to it using its traditional expertise in creating commodity power houses.


and China has an option of creating its own HUB OF INFLUENCE such as the Angola, Mozambique/Madagascar, Sudan route.....thus by passing the British Club!

It is possible!

Green Dragon

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Put the infrastructure and communication in place, the African countries can then work it out on their own. What they need is a stable social enviorment to develop thier economy. Just hope the western powers take their hands off from stirring up trouble there.  It takes China 20 years without foreign help, how long will Africa need with the help from China ? I bet 10 years from now we can see a different Africa.

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Mr. Baersworth, we need to do more!

Alas, even though as a citizen in a British Club created enviroment, we in Malaya has benefited from the conduit of trade in the large plantation firms built on the "mould" of British firms and British Empire strategies; China cannot "afford" to be "hands off" to help the African expand their economies.

Firstly, the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM is a tremendous market for commodities. Helping out the Africans with just the infrastructure is not enough!

It must work with countries such as MALAYA, even SINGAPORE to expand commodity agricultural and use China's own gigantic mining companies like Sinopec, oil, coal or minereal giants to help.

The LOGISTICs networks must be set up....and other key networks must be built up!
(1) PLANTATION co. malayan set up, or JOINT small holders like FELDA set up can be used in Africa.
(2) Commodity processing investments in tobacco, cocoa, coffee, cotton, timber, pulp in JV with Africans.
(3) FREE MARKET access to the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM.....we should allow Taiwan, Korea access to such materials in order to built up "goodwill" with the rest of the region!

The Chinese government would need to build Hydroelectricity power in Zambia, maybe coal burning electricity plants and energy distribution infrastructure so that....
(4) mined minereals can be process before being shipped out to the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM. (similar to the programme now in Sarawak in Borneo)
(5) Survey of the minereal wealth, land use by Chinese scientist would be crucial to develop strategies to develop and enriched the African populace especially in the Regions friendly to China such as Sudan, Angola, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and even South Africa!!!!!

We might even need to set up PRIVATE SECURITY COMPANIES to protect the infrastructure from troublemakers and the various "armed political groups" in Africa!!!!


Green Dragon

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How about...

....forming two or more companies for Southeast AFrica region....and compete/cooperate with South African region.

The Sino-Africa Mining corporation
The Sino-Africa Agricultural produce corporation

The Angola and Sudan is mostly oil....
but the South West should be used to produce tropical commodities needed in the New MIddle Kingdom
and provide jobs, prosperity to the less sophisticated South Eastern Africans..

with Economy of scale, cheaper logistics is possible...

Green Dragon
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Hey green dragon

You will not here from me again on "china daily" just read my response to you on" world affairs" I did have fun oh boy did i have fun but its time for me to have fun with other forums on the internet , peace,

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Yes Mr. Froth...i do not favour you!

I purposely "knock you out" and i actually favour the Celtic Irish Mr. Fish over you!
Amerikan Regime faction, i favour the Irish more than the Hebrew Jewish, Germanic Yiddish, or the Westpoint Anglo.

It is simple, With a Disney that produces "Children & family orientated" entertainment, and "Ford motors" which created "Red neck affordable cars"....the Irish are more "likeable" compared to all the other factions of the Amerikan Regime.

Anyway, as far as Tomfoolery is concern, the British strategy definately "outclass" the Amerikan Regime.
Amerikan Regime uses a lot of BRUTE FORCE.......Red neck strategy.

I await a better PROPAGANDA OFFICER in the CD BBS....if they decide to send any more of such individuals.

ha ha ha

Green Dragon
Third Force.

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