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Solution for the Iraq impasse! [Copy link] 中文

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Mr. Fish, Mr. Mencius, Mr. China daily, etc...

The one solution for the IRAQ IMPASSE....would be for an UNITED STATES WITHDRAWAL from this sovereign state.

The SECURITY OF IRAQ should be handle by a JOINT China/Korea - EU - Iran/Saudi peacekeeping force to replace the existing United States army.

This will solve a lot of problems..
(1) Iran will not need to develop the NUCLEAR weapons to protect its sovereignity.
(2) Saudi Arabia will "piss in the pants" if Iran gains "nuclear weapons" and it is fearful of being subjugated by the Persians again.
(3) The United States can maintain joint British/USA bases in Saudi peninsula.
(4) Syria will enjoy peace and business opportunity from the SUPER CENTER of Meso-po-ta-mia.
(5) French, German, Japan, Taiwan, Korea interest will be protected.

This solution must be seriously ENTERTAINED by the UNITED STATES government otherwise it will be PUMMELED by the FREEDOM FIGHTERS in Iraq.

A good solution if only the Hebrew-Anglo predators will agree....think about it seriously....

the Uncle Sam "insult" on Islam is only a trick to built the MESO-PO-TA-MIA supercenter but it is not acceptable to China, Japan, Iran, and i would think France, Germany or even the British Club.

Please think about it!!!!!!

Cheeky Game Master
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Council of Malaya

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That is exactly what I wanted to hear. The sacrifice of young Americans stops.

          The world community with the leadership of China will be able to make the Middle East a much friendlier place.  The sacrifice of young Americans stops

            The US could take the time and money that it spends on Defense and build big grand public work projects such as Alternative energy so that our fellow world community members stop calling us oil hogs. The sacrifice of young Americans stops

             With the world community stabilizing the Middle East and market oil prices the US could do something that is long over due. Worrying about retooling our workers and economy for the next generation. The sacrifice of young Americans stops

               Reading in the newspaper about world events such as how the world community with the leadership of China has empowered the people of the Middle East to stop killing each other. The sacrifice of young Americans stops

             These are a few of my favorite things
Go USA and Go Greendragon

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Little lizard is so sneaky

The dirty work has been done...we have lost 2000 +......the oil fields are safe.....let the USA move off
the oil fields and let China move in.

You do certainly got b@lls I will give you that little lizard.

No, we will stay the course; let the Iraqi's have a fair chance at Democracy and at the same time
keep our oil "security blanket' close to us.

To many people have tried to squeeze the USA and now you want to put us at a disadvantage again.
Sorry to say, China had her chance to help about 2 years ago.

Go peddle guns in Africa and get your own oil.

Ha ha ha …little lizard, you got me laughing.

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Reply #3 iluv2fish's post

It is not CHINA's choice.....

It is UNITED STATES own fault.....

Now it is faced with two "Rivals" keen on keeping their "interest alive" in the Mesopotamia valley...this are the SYRIAN empire and the PERSIAN empire....

and the PERSIANS are keen to build the nuke.....
Once you have the CENTRIFUGES is not so difficult to build 10 -20 nukes...of 93% U-235 purity....
and then they have NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL advantage....the Persian will increase the support by EVANGELIZING and WEAPON support...
and the most deserving keeper of MESOPOTAMIA are the SYRIANS.....its afterall their traditional lands....they will keep on pummeling the American forces...

build the federal state, or 3 independent mini states.......we don't care...
..just do not step in Persia....
..there...the red line in the sand is drawn....

ha ha ha

Green Dragon

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Reply #3 iluv2fish's post

Mr. Fish....

the statistics says...80 to 100 attacks daily....
a daily grind of.....2 to 3 American serviceman fatality daily...
and a financial crisis.....extra US$2 - 3 billion daily burn....

can America afford such extravagant spending?

Green Dragon

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why let China involve in?
no reason.
have u ever play any game like 'warcraft'?  
each country need the resource. once USA get it,why send it to other counties?
US have input too much and that is the time for US to get something from Iraq.  
Each country come to Iraq with all kinds of purpose.

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Reply #5 greendragon's post

Dragon - I Rub America's Qualm.

That's how we see it.

They dig the fire, now they need to seat on the heat.

You know so much free gases around!!!
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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