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Patani-land flooded!!!! [Copy link] 中文

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Patani-land flooded!

12 million Patani - Hui people -under flood waters - 1 feet to 3 feet high...southern Thailand, North Malaya!

Now, wouldn't it be better if we have LOCAL GOVERNMENT in this region!!!!!

It would solve
(1) Carrying the blame for poor planning!
(2) While still being able to control the delivery of OIL, GAS riches of Patani-land by both Riau and Thai elites......


and with pressure on the LOCAL OFFICIALS, and control over land matters....

they could alleviate this ANNUAL the way..this is the worse in 30 years.....almost all of the province of Perlis is under water.....Rmb300 million some 100,000 hectares of RICE FIELDS goes under water....damaging and delay the growth of some 500,000 tonnes of RICE..just in KEDAH, NORTH PERAK province of PATANI-LAND.

and they could have make cheapo...canal....flood catchment lakes...and develop FISHERIES, CHALET RESORTS....

NO!!!!! the Riaus and Thais wants to control all the OIL and GAS riches!!!!!!

So sad~! The heavens cries...and Patani-land is inundated under water!!!!

Mmmmm so sad


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The Acheh experience...will it be replicated in Malaya-Thailand?

After the Tsunami...peace finally arrived to Acheh.

Will it be the same for Patani-land....

will there be Autonomous local government under regulatory and protection of central government in Put-Raja-Ya and Bangkok?

Or would we still see the heavy bargaining between the RAJAs like in Bakun Dam..fighting over "cheap electricity" and rights to have "Aluminium smelter" by Alcoa, BHP, Rio Tinto, Riau's/Mimic Riau conglomerate, Native "apple in the eye" conglomerate and some China's own company..trumping China's trade lure?????

I say, "sharing is not so easy".....

I'll say the ANCIENT CHINESE was very to PACIFY so many for so long.

Hip Hip hooray for the THE MIDDLE KINGDOM WAY!



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Patani-land losses estimated....

...losses is estimated in the Rmb 2 - 4 billion to that region.

Lost  rice fields - 100,000 hectares involved
Lost  rubber, palm oil plantations - minimal due to being on dulated hills.
Lost  economic activity - road, rail links broken - 2 weeks of Patani-land GNP (or  probably Rmb1 billion lost here!!!!)
Lost household, capital artifacts.....
Soiling of building etc...


and now in Borneo-land...the fight among the "Raja" is delaying development....

In Borneo-land's REJANG RIVER, it is said to contain about 20 GigaWatts energy..the Lion's share of Malaysia's hydroelectricity potential...

They plan 2 major DAMS....Bakun and another up river.....

First project was shared between Riau Conglomerate Sime Darby, Sarawak State government, Sichuan's China-Malaya hydroelectric construction company...

Now the fight is over...Mimic Riau attempt to monopolize the "Aluminium" project.....

The Borneo Raja's has power over the land, The Riau/Mimic has power over regulations, the China parties has power over consumption while the British Club has the Aluminium ore.....

It seems WE are going to have at least 4 SMELTERS in Borneo......that would solve all the issues....yet the backstabbing, politicking is messy.....

BUT OF COURSE - Rmb20 billion annual value added is at stake!!!!!!!


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