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The ALLURE OF THE CHINA TRADE! as usual, its money and wealth the cause. [Copy link] 中文

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In the recent past, the POTTERY, SPICE, TEA trade has been source of European aggressive stance to explore the east. The yearning to learn from the legendary CATHAY was another driving force ever since the mytical Marco Polo and the JESUITS. has been the AMERICAN TRADE. This trade is worth US$2 trillion today. Countries like Germany, British Club, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore has disproportinate share of this huge EL DORADO. The AMERICAN TRADE made them popular more than any other factors.

Recently, the CHINA TRADE is catching up. This trade is supposed to be worth US$1.5 trillion this year (2005).

And the Little Dot and people in the Malaya supercorridor is very aware of this. The last era of fighting for the AMERICAN TRADE was hampered by the RIAU INSECURITY which inadvertantly is caused by INDONESIAN and SINGAPOREAN FACTORS.

and the end of it, Many Tung Sing people migrated and for some 12 new cities in the key AMERICAN, BRITISH and EUROPEAN cities.

Now, it is the CHINA TRADE......

The same shit will occur again. It the Riau-Hup Sing-Tung Sing do not realize it...they will be FOOLED AGAIN into destructive situation.

MALAYANS, please wake up!

International trade is 2% of world trade in the MALAYAN SUPERCORRIDOR and we have advantage of KINSHIP with HONG KONG/GUANDONG! PLease wake up and take defensive strategies.

The China trade should be at least US$30 billion  to Malaysia!!!!!!

and if we don't get sabotaged, it could be even 3%!!!!! as the hinterland of Sumatra, will need our supercenter....(Indonesia lacks a supercenter due to the native's culture which Singapore has taken advantage of!!!!!)

Let's compete and look out for tomfoolery!

Look, the AMERICAN TRADE gang is now trying to sabotage the CHINA TRADE gang...the news of "terrorist attacks" on CHINA TRADE businessman in AMERICAN LABELED HOTELS..

Take care..


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What MALAYANS can offer CHINA to ensure favour!

We have many advantages compare to Singapore.

This are
(1) Port and Airport logistic efficiency at reasonable rate.
(2) Rights of passage in Straits of Malacca.
(3) Kinship to smooth out business relationships.
(4) Market access to Malaysia, and part of Indonesia. (Indonesia lacks a effective center)
(5) Help to blend "high sulphur" crude oil from Saudi, Kuwait, and UAE with Riau Moslem credentials. Help secure cheap crude oil.
(6) Supply of many commodity raw materials.

On the other hand Singapore has this advantage
(a) They guard the door of the Malacca straits.
(b) They have a efficient but expensive port and airports.

(Malayans will be expanding Kuantan, Tg. Pelepas, and Klang harbour - I get the strange feeling that the Malayan Super center will be Kinta Valley "automotive", Klang Valley "service, durable, heavy, ports, airports", Negri Sembilan "chemical, sea resort" and Pahang "liquid port, oil refinery, chemicals")

(c) Hinterland of Java, Mollucus, Borneo and might have to relinquish Sumatra to Malayans.
(d) Linking the International Oil Supermajors to secure oil to China!
(e) Supply of commodities from Indonesian hinterland.

At most, it is equal fight!!!!! but it gets interesting henceforth.


(1) Ensure a competitive port and airport services.
(2) Increase intra-port competitivenes by increasing and selling berth space to different port operators.
(3) Build up BULK CARRIERS, Container operators to use Malayan ports.


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[sniffs greendragon]

Hmmm ... cheese!

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Me too, Hmmmmmmmmm Three things come to mind......



Basic rule of business: "Cut out the middle man"

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Mr. i understand what my Grandma is trying to tell me... know she let me have an interesting game by only "hinting 10%" and let me figure out the rest! ha  ha ha

Well, I think i am seeing the 4 regions in Malaysia with the pesky red dot as the 5th region. Each region sends a Prime Minister to PUT-RAJA-YA in turn and has its own port, and business.

You see the following regions in Malaysia.
(1) Pattani region - this is based on the Patani Hindu empire, its people has a unique dialect and own customs, food. There are now commune based. The Weng Choon in Penang, Taiping, Sg. Petani now is it main industrial and port. As usual, Weng Choon don't know how to create vibrant cities.

About "middle man", you cannot cut out the logistic center!!!!!!! So don't be silly about cutting out the "middle man" is impossible.

This region is Penang, Kedah, Perlis, North Perak, Kelantan and Terenganu. They have send 3 Prime Minister to PUT-RAJA-YA and KUALA LUMPUR before the new administrative capital was built.

(2) The CENTRAL SUPERCENTER. This region is the most vibrant, has a great financial, services, ports, entertainment etc. that RIVALS Singapore (and could have exceeded the Little Red Dot, alas the 1969, 1997, 2001 tomfoolery...and now the "black mouthing of Malayans" by Singapore "foul mouth leaders") In the book "Ousted", it mention on some of it. This region consist of South Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Negri Sembilan and Pahang.

We have ports -Liquid bulk of Kuantan (20 million tonnes and expected to become 50 million tonnes with China trade - run by Roadbuilder), Bulk and dry good of Klang Container Port  (run by KCT) and third is the container based, automotive port of  Westport. (run by Li Ka Shing and link to WU shippers based in Hong Kong, Shanghai)

This region has the Razak family send to PUT-RAYA-YA. We now have Rt. Hon. Najib as the Deputy Prime Minister. His CIMB bank should concentrate of PORT, AIRPORT, LOGISTICS, SHIPPING COMPANIES. MISC which is now owned by Petronas should be split into 2, with the LIQUID BULK remaining MISC and hiving off the bulk and container...otherwise INCESTOUS relationship will destroy this shipping company.

(3) The 3rd centre is the RIAU region. It is a hive of industrial, consumeable activity. It consist of Malacca, and Johor. The city of Johor Baru is its center and its main port is the Tg. Pelepas which is fighting to take over Singapore's own PSA transhipment business. It would do well to work with Greek, Nordic, WU people.

It has the illustrious descendence of the Late Jaffar b. Onn as its numero uno family. It has send 1 prime minister to PUT-RAJA-YA.

(4) Natives of Borneo and its San allies. The San are part of the "escaped rebels" of the Taiping rebellion which consist of Christian Fuzhous, Christian & Non-Christian Sans. This are the "allies of Singaporean cardinal party". However, there is friction now as the Cardinal Party seeks to "cap" the power of the Borneo alliance in Singapore.

This is mainly an agricultural region, mining and timber. Its leaders are rich. They were caught "red handed" trying to buy over newspapers in Hong Kong and Malayan supercenter.

(5) Singapore. this is the pesky dot. It is run by a San leader while is populace is equally divided between Fujian and Guandong based immigrants. The story is "ugly" in Singapore as they wants a "hinterland".

ha ha ha


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Linking up with the YUE and MIN people.

As we know, the YUE network is very strong with cities all over the world while the MIN is very strong in Indonesia, Phillipines.

I suggest increasing the competition within the Malayan states copying China's very successful strategy.

Today, our Rt. Hon "gentleman" Badawi suggested that states start to compete friendly for growth!!!!! Wow! I suggest to the Prime Minister to invite companies such as those of Sun Hung Kai, Henderson land, New World to open up berths in Port Klang, or Klang Container increase competition and encourage joint venture for shipping companies. ie. Give WU, Minnan, San, Riau competition in shipping.

Expansion of international trade will bring great wealth to the people of 2x size compare to the Singapore pesky dot.

The pesky red dot will have its hands full protecting its base in Java, Molluscus, and Borneo.

ha ha ha

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