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An Asian American for the Presidency of the United States of America! [Copy link] 中文

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I think it is about time for a regime change in America.

My guess, if we increase the power of the BLACKS, HISPANICS, and maintain the IRISH/FRENCH/ITALIAN/GERMAN/RUSSIAN alliance in Mid West,  Anglo-Jeewish alliance in their respective power bases..we can have a NEUTRAL ASIAN AMERICAN as President of the United States.

Mr. Fish...that would solve the POVERTY and ETHNIC problem. Having a weak, without a strong base, neutral ASIAN AMERICAN will make America a more peaceful nation as he tries his best to satisfy all the sub American tribes with fairness and justice....and because he is ASIAN, small federal government is possible, giving the States a strong push for  autonomy like CHINA'S provincial system.

It will create a FREE and FAIR Democratic nation.

I support MR. YANG of Yahoo for the next President of the United States.

He has Yahoo..and looking at the MULTI MEDIA is likely that the COMPUTER would be a stronger PROPAGANDA platform in the near future. Newspaper would be relegated....maybe TV and radio would still be strong..but you can use YAHOO to target pro-Mr. Yang for President propaganda!

The steps are

(1) Creation of Hispanic/Asian American lead California-Nevada supercenter. Strengthen the elite universities such as Berkerley, Caltech.

(2) Build up Black power base with support of Hispanic voters in Texas-Lousiana-Atlanta. We can create a 2 elite university that mirrors the North East's -Yale and Harvard..and the Mid West - Carnegie Mellon universities.

(3) We know America is divided into
(a) Anglo Americans - 30% population.
(b) Jeewish American + traitors from Israel - 2%

(c) Irish Americans - 10%
(d) German + Baltic Americans - 10%
(e) Italian + Greek Americans - 10%

(f) Hispanic Americans - 15% + whole lot of illegal immigrants up to 5%
(g) Asian Americans - 5% + a lot of illegals from China up to 2%

(i) Black Americans - 12%
(j) White Trash - 5%

The Black American caucus must have Leftist policies but must used a lot of SUB CONTRACTING to wipe out Hispanic, Black, White Trash poverty...Land sales, land conversion cost, income tax, royalty on oil and gas is substantial in Southern Corridor of America!

Good Luck America!

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Council of Malaya

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Mr. Yang for the American Presidency..would have support of the CHINA TRADE LOBB

I am sure a PRESIDENT YANG for President would be good for America and would have support of the elites in California who would benefit with stronger ties to China!

and as a MINORITY who has faced discrimination, a President Yang could help BLACK CAUCUS with more leftist policy and use MALAYSIA as  a model to help pull poor Black, Hispanics, white trash out of poverty in California and mostly in Southern states of the Americas.

Support Mr. Yang for President Of the United States of America!


Cheeky Game Master
Lord of the code

Council of Malaya

Note: This is same model as experimented in Singapore. In Singapore, we have sub tribes of Hokkiens 30%, Teochew 20%, Malay Riau 15%, Cantonese 12%, Indians 10%, Hainanese 5%, Hakka 5% and others 3%.

The Chinese has their Hongs, Tongs, and Hoois. They decided either a Eurasian...which was a good choice, then they choose the Hokkien, disastrous as corruption widespread...then decided on a weak minority Hakka, Mr. doubt Mr. Lee is a troubling authoritarian but he cannot get far into mischief as the army still in predominantly Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese and Indian!!!! as least the reserve Militia...

that's why his son agree to only 2 or 3 terms.

Even in Ipoh, the Cantonese were the majority, the choose an Indian to represent a minority, the majority will make sure government is small...and the minority leader needs to satisfy everybody and give justice to all!

The predicament we had in Malaya was a result of Hokkien and probably collective Teochew being fearful of loosing their hinterland and the British using the large Chinese minority game on the Tengku to keep a Crown colony......if you understand Malayan history, i guess you will piece together the same possibility!

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Yes, this is possible soon.

I think Mar-Chau Lau will be in charge of America soon.  They talked of declaring him in charge when the World Trade Center was attacked.  He would maintain order during a crisis and would be a better leader than the President who was declared the winner by the Supreme Court.

However, I don't think the Los Angeles-Las Vegas region is a good bet.  All the water from that area comes directly from the Little Colorado River.  So if al Qaeda attacks the water system, then it will be a serious crisis.  

Al Qaeda always threatens to attack the USA infrastructure, but it only succeeds in hitting office buildings and targets that make us spend more on military equipment.  Like when the levees in New Orleans failed even though there was no high water against them, al Qaeda did not do that.  But when a truck bomb explodes in Iraq and kills soldiers, well that's al Qaeda not Iraqi insurgents, and we must spend more on the military to stop it.

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Too bad...

Alas, you have to be a natural-born citizen to be elected the president...

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anonymoustext  Post time 2011-8-15 19:59:02
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If there can be an African American President, why not an Aisan American for Prez? I just hope that should this eventuate, whoever the President may be, that they remember that their first loyalty is to the US, not to the country of their ancestry.

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What about Bobby Jindal

He is Asian American too

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