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US last-ditch attempt to block Huawei in UK [Copy link] 中文

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1.  US officials are gearing up for a final attempt to persuade the UK government to block Huawei from building its 5G network.

Representatives from the US National Economic Council and National Security Agency are set to hold meetings in London on January 13 ahead of a final verdict on whether the embattled Chinese tech firm will face a ban.

The delegation of officials is also expected to include deputy national security adviser Matt Pottinger....

Source:  cityamdotcom

2.  Trump's sneaky, underhanded tactics against China is akin to embracing a “good friend” with one arm but stabbing in the back repeatedly with the other.  Since Trump assumed power on January 20, 2017, he had made the following hostile moves against China:

(a)  Slamming huge tariffs on a sizable amount of Chinese goods.

(b)  Tightening trade restrictions against Huawei, ZTE and other Chinese firms.

(c)  Pressuring all other countries to block Huawei from building their 5G networks.

(d)  Requesting Canadian authorities to arrest Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou.

(e)  Arresting about 16 Chinese nationals, Chinese Americans and non-Chinese on suspicion of spying for China.

(f)  For the first time in more than 30 years, the US expelled two Chinese embassy officials in September 2019 on suspicion of espionage after they drove onto a sensitive military base in Virginia.

(g)  Republican Latino Senator Marco Rubio has accused Donald Trump of "backtracking" promises to tighten the noose around Chinese investment in American companies in 2018.  He and other bipartisan senators have passed several anti-China legislations.

(h)  Sending warships through the Taiwan Strait to the South China Sea.

(i)  Openly interfering in Taiwan by signing into law the Taiwan Travel Act, which allows high-level officials to meet their Taiwanese counterparts and vice versa.  US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Alex Wong and US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Manufacturing Ian Steff have visited Taiwan under the new travel act.

(j)  Selling more than $2 billion worth of tanks and weapons to Taiwan.

(k)  Openly interfering in Hong Kong.  Democratic house leader Nancy Pelosi, Republican senators Tom Cotton and Marco Rubio have met with Joshua Wong.

(l)  Hong Kong protest leaders Denise Ho and Joshua Wong testified at US congressional hearing on protests in September 2019.

(m)  Passing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act which aims to punish Hong Kong and mainland officials for alleged suppression of basic freedoms in the city.

(n)  Imposing sanctions against Chinese firms for trading with North Korea and Iran besides other alleged activities.

(o)  In September 2018, the US State Department announced sanctions against China’s Equipment Development Department and director Li Shangfu for purchasing Russian combat aircraft and surface-to-air missiles.

3.  Besides making concerted effort to contain China economically and militarily, the US could roll back any concession in an agreement if Republican Latino Senator Marco Rubio and other bipartisan senators pass a bill or a law in Congress to reject it.  Trump could tell China:  "Don't blame me.  It's not my fault.  I am checked by Congress on many levels.  They can override my veto.  Since you have put your signature on paper, you have no choice but abide by your promise."

Donald Trump's infamous Hitler-style rabble-rousing chants:  "Lock her up!  Lock her up!"

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4.  Another Trumpian sneaky, underhanded tactics against China in progress.

Hours before signing the so-called phase 1 of the trade deal, the Trump administration said on January 14 that it "has no current plans to lift the more than $360 billion worth of tariffs it has levied against China since 2018, despite an interim trade agreement that was expected to ease tensions between the two sides."

"There are no other oral or written agreements between the United States and China on these matters, and there is no agreement for future reduction in tariffs," Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said in a joint statement to Business Insider.  "Any rumors to the contrary are categorically false."

The joint statement was first given to Bloomberg, which earlier reported that tariffs wouldn't be removed before the presidential election in November. The US could lower some tariffs after that point if China was found to be compliant with terms of the so-called phase-one agreement announced in October.

5.  This is contrary to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report on Thursday (9 January) that "the Trump administration could cut the rate of tariffs on $360 billion worth of Chinese products that it has levied since early 2018 by as much as half."  Negotiators also offered to suspend plans to extend tariffs to all remaining Chinese imports on Sunday, people briefed on the matter told The Journal.

It is noteworthy that the WSJ reported that "the White House declined to comment" and "the Office of the US Trade Representative did not respond to its email inquiry."  Equally noteworthy is that China has consistently "demanded the US lift tariffs as part of the interim trade agreement announced in October."

Now that the Chinese team has discovered that it has been tricked to go all the way to the US to sign something that is falling short of expectations, will it just pack and return home at once?
Donald Trump's infamous Hitler-style rabble-rousing chants:  "Lock her up!  Lock her up!"

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6.  The following are excerpts from a news report, dated 15 January 2020, headlined "US, EU and Japan target China with new global trade rules that challenge state subsidies".

(Begin excerpts)
The United States, the European Union and Japan proposed new global trade rules on Tuesday to curb subsidies they say are distorting the worldwide economy, with China their clear target.

A day before Chinese officials are expected to sign the first phase of a trade deal with the United States in Washington, Beijing is again the focus of criticism from its main trading partners....

After meeting in Washington, Japanese Economy Minister Hiroshi Kajiyama, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and EU trade commissioner Phil Hogan said in a joint statement that existing World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules were insufficient to tackle market distortions from subsidies.

The proposed rules are the outcome of two years of trilateral discussions, but are only a precursor to the hard work of convincing other WTO members, including China.

They also mark a note of harmony in US-EU relations, strained by US tariffs and disputes over aircraft subsidies and EU auto exports.....

The three partners intend to bring their proposals to the Geneva-based WTO, with as many countries involved as possible, even if probably not all the WTO’s 164 members.

“This would only make sense if the big subsidisers were on board,” an EU source said....

The three partners want to add four banned subsidy types, namely unlimited guarantees, subsidies to ailing enterprises without a restructuring plan, subsidies to firms unable to obtain long-term financing and certain forgiveness of debt.

They would also seek to ban other large subsidies, such as to prop up zombie enterprises, to create overcapacity or to lower input prices unless the subsidising country can prove there are no negative effects.

They are also seeking to devise rules to end forced technology transfer and current WTO rules that allow nations such as China, South Korea and Singapore to designate themselves developing countries, which enjoy advantages.  (End excerpts)

Source:  scmpdotcom

7.  After "taking the Chinese team for a ride" to the US to sign a deal that is entirely different from what both sides have initially agreed upon, the US is in cahoots with its lackeys to contain China economically and militarily.  It is akin to a madman hugging his victim tightly with one arm (not "To Sir, with Love" but to ensure that the victim cannot escape) but stabbing in the back frantically with the other arm to get the soul out of the victim.

China must not underestimate the US resolve in bringing about its disintegration just as it had done to the Soviet Union in 1991.
Donald Trump's infamous Hitler-style rabble-rousing chants:  "Lock her up!  Lock her up!"

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8.  The US is intensifying its attacks on Huawei and other Chinese companies with its sneaky, underhanded tactics even as both countries put their signatures on the so-called phase 1 trade deal.

According to the Nikkei Asian Review on 15 January 2020, Washington has upped the pressure on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to produce its military-use chips in the U.S., in order to ensure that the world's biggest contract chipmaker can manufacture the high-security components free from potential Chinese interference.

Meanwhile, the US is mulling more restrictions to bankrupt Huawei,  Zte and all other Chinese companies.  US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin could be right when he said Huawei is not a "chess piece" in US-China trade deal.  Rather, Huwei could be viewed as "one of the many layers of China's geopolitical, economic armour" at which Uncle Sam stabs frantically like a madman in his attempt to take out China once and for all.

The other "layers" are ZTE and all other Chinese companies.  As an analogy, if a tired knight could still sleep like a log under a tree even though a dagger had pierced through his armour, then he really deserved to "sleep" forever.

9.  The following are excerpts from a news report, dated January 15, 2020, under the headline "Exclusive: Washington pressures TSMC to make chips in US" and subheading "Pentagon fears Chinese interference in Taiwan's semiconductor giant".

(Begin excerpts)
…. TSMC, which makes computer chips used in American F-35 fighter jets and serves as a key supplier to Apple as well as Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies, has sidestepped similar U.S. security requests before.

But as Beijing and Washington jostle for technological and military supremacy, the company faces growing American pressure to make a firm decision about producing in the U.S. or offering another security-compatible solution before the U.S. presidential election in November....

"The U.S. government wants chips that go into military projects to be built on American soil," a senior Taiwanese government official, who was briefed about Washington's approaches to TSMC given the company's strategic and technological importance, told Nikkei. "That's for national security concerns, and they [the U.S.] don't plan to back off on that."

TSMC, which holds a 50% share of the world's chip foundry business, supplies computer chips to Huawei and American tech giants such as Google, Qualcomm and Intel. The Taiwanese company also supplies high-performance chips for U.S. military suppliers such as Xilinx, which in turn makes components for American F-35 fighter jets and satellites.

Washington has made keeping Chinese technology and surveillance at bay a global priority. TSMC, as a major U.S. and Chinese chip supplier, has often found itself in the middle of the technology standoff as a result. In addition to the F-35 jets, TSMC makes U.S. Defense Department-approved "military grade" chips that may be used by some of its other American clients for classified military purposes.

Industry sources said American officials talked with TSMC "several times" ahead of last weekend's election in Taiwan, which saw China-skeptic President Tsai Ing-wen reelected in an outcome that Beijing decried but that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hailed as "a force for good in the world."

Ian Steff, assistant secretary of the U.S. Commerce Department, last month made his third visit to Taiwan during 2019, where he met with TSMC founder Morris Chang and Chairman Mark Liu at a private reception, one executive source told Nikkei.

"We've noticed that many U.S. tech executives and government officials are concerned about their country's dependence on TSMC and the security of their defense industry's supply chains," said Su Tze-yun, director of Taiwan's Institute for National Defense and Security Research.

"That's why the U.S. constantly hopes that TSMC could stand with them to make chips somewhere else other than just Taiwan, which they think is not completely safe because China has not ruled out the possibility of taking control of the island by force," the director said....

Source:  asiadotnikkeidotcom

(To be continued in my next post)
Donald Trump's infamous Hitler-style rabble-rousing chants:  "Lock her up!  Lock her up!"

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This is another critical miscalculation from the U.S .

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Uncle Sam will never stop to boycott Huawei...

   Deutsche Telekom has put all deals to buy 5G network equipment on hold, it said on Wednesday, as it awaits the resolution of a debate in Germany over whether to bar Chinese vendor Huawei on security grounds.
   Europe's largest telco finds itself in a tight spot after senior lawmakers in Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition rebelled and called for a ban on Huawei, which is a key vendor for its existing mobile networks in Germany and Europe.
At the same time in the United States, a $26 billion deal for Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile unit to merge with Sprint hangs in the balance. More than a dozen U.S. states have sued to block the merger and a New York judge will hear the case on Dec. 9.

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The bankrupt British knows what's best for them.
They can have 5G tomorrow with Huawei, or wait another five years with the other network contractors.
Rubbing salt into the wound, they may pay three times the cost more than for the Huawei network.

Boris Johnson is a most intelligent and seasoned politician. He knows what's best for his little island.
He will call Trump's bluff and opt for the best, and that's Huawei.

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