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Chinese sub, small is beautiful [Copy link] 中文

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                          Chinese sub, small is beautiful

Recently, a US aircraft carrier was encircled by 10 PLA full  armed warships, when it incurred into South Sea. US command felt it was a shame  to US navy , for the carrier would be no way out in a real battle, so captain of  the carrier was dismissed after the incident.   

US Navy officers admitted  in media, China now makes warships faster than any countries,   PLA navy has outnumbered US in surface warships.

US navy still enjoys superiority  in submarines . In number and capability, PLA navy has a long way to catch up with US underwater fleet. There is  other way to counter US force.  

In 2015, French Ministry of Defense  published a report: In an exercise against the U.S. Roosevelt aircraft carrier battle fleet , the French submarine Safir  had succeeded in sinking “half the battle group” during the exercise.

Submarines are the “克星” [nemesis] of aircraft carriers. Over the course of World War II, no less than seventeen aircraft carriers were sunk by submarines. In Falklands War, the British submarine was able to track its prey, the battle ship General Belgrano  over the course of fifty hours without detection before sinking the Argentina battle ship.

French  Rubis-class submarine is the world’s smallest nuclear submarine , only 2,670 tons submerged, and that could make it more difficult to detect.  And in the said exercise, US carrier fleet teamed many warships. The larger the battle group, the easier it is to track this big target at long distances. And the group of warships must have made big noises, significantly complicate the acoustic environment, thus hindering searches for the small French attacking submarine.
This provides a clue to explain a Chinese submarine’s success.   Several years ago,  Japanese media reported  that during a exercise mission, when US carrier fleet was moving to its home port, suddenly, a PLA diesel submarine raised to water surface closely to the carrier ,   with a red flag to show it had chasing the carrier for some time without detection by US fleet. If  in war , it would have had great chance to sink the carrier and other warships. Compared with French nuclear submarine, Chinese submarine was even smaller, so more difficult to be detected.
West pacific is known for its swallow depth, difficult for large submarines to move.  China has the largest team of convention submarines, though their voyage range are limited, but in west pacific area, they are of substantial attacking capability ,  US fleets have to think twice before they enter the west pacific war zone.

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RE: ' US fleets have to think twice before they enter the west pacific war zone.'

   They're fully aware of their shortcoming...

      That's why uncle Sam started the trade War, and the Coach roach war in H.K.

        One Flattop would pay for 10K cockroaches and 100,000 Yellers over a period of 10 years; without a single American life lost...   

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emanreus Post time: 2019-11-5 13:21
RE: ' US fleets have to think twice before they enter the west pacific war zone.'

   They're fully  ...

Yes.  After Korean war, in 1950s,  US understood peaceful transformation would be better.

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