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Can the U.S. and China coexist peacefully?   [Copy link] 中文

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Can the U.S. and China coexist peacefully?

Despite warm welcome ceremony for the visiting President and a humongous trade package worth hundreds of billions, China’s efforts to reconcile with the U.S. on many key issues seem to have been of no avail. Though impressive on numbers, the trade package signed during President’s trip to China was largely ridiculed by American press as bogus. Many analysts cast doubt on the possibility of the deals being fully carried out given the fraudulent nature of Chinese business conduct and country’s ever deteriorating economy. If the statistics should be trusted China’s actual debt to GDP ratio is the highest among all BRIC countries. In other words, in a strict economic sense China’s economy has already gone broke, though the fact would not be fully acknowledged by a regime whose operation is based on self deception and suppression.

Without question, China is on the defensive when dealing with the U.S. China had made it clear that it has no intention to be in conflict with the U.S. “The Pacific Ocean is broad enough to allow both countries (China and U.S.) to coexist peacefully.” the Chinese President has made that remark on many occasions. This sounds evidently like a pleading for peace by a contender facing a disadvantageous situation. In the meanwhile, China has so far made no significant changes to amend its ways in running things, from currency manipulation and intellectual property thefts to North Korea nuclear crisis. It is business as usual as far as the regime’s operation is concerned. On almost all issues the two countries have failed to find a common ground. Perhaps the U.S. has finally realized that China has never been serious about cooperating with the U.S. in the first place. As a result, Washington has run out of patience.

  The U.S. has presented China with a “need to be done” list, urging the second largest economy to behave in a more responsible manner as it grows bigger and fatter. The list covers a variety of misdeeds by the regime that pose a threat to the security of the U.S. and the world. A quick look at the list would be enough to enrage the regime. Basically what the U.S. wants from China is to relinquish its grip on economy and society, urging the totalitarian regime to return the resources back to where they belong. Should such demands be granted it would have meant nothing but the total collapse of the regime.

  In the past a few years we have witnessed a significant shift in political paradigm throughout of Western world, in particular with the presidency of Donald Trump and the rise of rightwing and conservative politicians in many countries. The Australian Premier had recently declared that Australian people have finally stood up in the face of a bullying China. In the meanwhile, perhaps it is the right time to take a second look at the impact of globalization on how we live in this crowded and competitive world. Essentially, the whole world must be vigilant to China’s relentless expansions in forms of business acquisitions and other strategic forays. The regime is counting on the last drop of its resources to the task of fulfilling its imperialistic dream. Similar thing happened back in the sixties when Mao decided to pursuit his nuclear program despite a food shortage that had resulted in the deaths of millions.

  Apparently something seems amiss here. The globalization has so far benefited a small percentage of the population in the world while the majority of the people everywhere are being left out of the prosperity. More importantly, never in the history has there been a time like now when the world economy has become so intertwined that free-market and government-run economies vie with each other for the domination of the world markets and resources.

  As factories being shot down one after another in the U.S., the country is gradually diminishing into a deserted place similar to South Africa or some third world countries. Cheap commodities in Wal-Mart mean little for those who have lost their well paid jobs to China. The U.S. is facing yet a new challenge since the war of independence. And it is essentially a duel between Christian democracies and totalitarian regimes in the world, if you ask a conservative strategist like Steve Bannon. In addition, the United States is no longer a united country according to many pessimists. The beneficiaries of globalization, namely multinational corporations and Wall Street financiers as well as their business partners in Washington, seem quite indifferent to whether the situation is getting worse or not.

  China plays a key role in this sinful chain of modern slave trade by supplying cheap labor and a huge market. In a sense, the beneficiaries of globalization in the West and their business partners in China are on the same boat. Their joint venture, just like those sweatshops operating in China and other third world countries, are poised to get rich quick if no one dares to interfere. The good news is that the majority of people in the U.S. and other Western countries have finally come to a sense that enough is enough. Unfortunately, the solution to the challenges we face now is by no means easy to be found. And it is especially so if we do not have a clear understanding of the nature of the challenges. The world faces two deadliest devils: the total destruction of environment and a risk of nuclear war between super powers, according to Professor Chomsky who inadvertently reminds us of the potential threat of the nuclear arsenal of China and Russia and North Korea.

  Blaming China alone will not solve the problems faced by the U.S. and other Western countries; if we are reminded of the fact that a great percentage of Chinese export businesses are actually doing assembling works for foreign and western-owned companies. Even with the heavily distorted economic data released by the regime; China is still a relatively poor country on a per capita basis. Philosophically speaking, the Chinese problem is essentially a problem of identity crisis suffered by an ancient people lost in a new world. And for that reason it can not be resolved unless the people find their identity and proper position in the world commensurate with their past and present. A free and responsible China may finally become reality as people realize that democracy and constitutional government are simply not Western inventions, but a common destiny to which the whole humanity should be moving. China will not be a free nation and Chinese not a free people unless the two ultimate devils fettering the body and soul of Chinese people, namely their pride and ignorance, are exorcised. In order for Chinese people to fulfill their dream of freedom and dignity it is imperative for the regime to give up its imperialistic dream.

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The self-righteousness exhibited in this vacuous article is laughable.

The goody two shoes should mind its own business, and address its own problems such as rampant racism, disparity between the haves and havenots in wealth, drugs problems, gun violence, vicious political dogfights, otherwise, the US is doomed to fail.
Believe it or not, it's true.

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America empire and China imperialisma will never able to co-exist together.  This is because China leaders are deeply adapting into key characters in  :

-  Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Zhuge Liang ideals of righteousness, loyalty and integrity

Sima Yi was suspicious, calculative, manipulative and adept in politics. Sima Yi had to hide his ambitions and lie low all the time.

Wheareas  -

Most white Americans and europeans leaders are strongly influenced by MACHIAVELLIAN CHARACTERS.

Most western leaders are Machiavellian character "the employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft or in general conduct"  which sees a person so focused on their own interests they will manipulate, deceive, and exploit others to achieve their goals. They seldom hide their true intention of their disgust for their opponents.

China leaders are lying low and never show their true colors because they can't compete with American great firepower without destroying their whole world.

On the other hand Americans elite and  leaders do no mind destroying the whole world using full force of nuclear weapons because they have make the preparations to survive nuclear winter.

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bushier Post time: 2018-1-3 14:45
America empire and China imperialisma will never able to co-exist together.  This is because China l ...

Pretty good summary for the forthcoming and inexorable darkness that approaches as a huntress does for her prey.

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