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Why stopping producing petrol and diesel cars could change the industry?   [Copy link] 中文

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Most cars in Sydney are European. And I think you are exaggerating about how many Chinese cars are ...


Here's a list of the top ten auto brands in Australia for 2016:

Australia Vehicle facts-2016-Slide-6.jpg

From the above list, it looks like the only European brand that made it to the top ten list is the German VW while the only Australian brand on the list is Holden but its US owner GM is closing its Holden auto manufacturing plant in South Australia by October of this year. That leaves only two Western brands -- German VW and US Ford -- on the top ten list of autos in Australia while the rest are East Asian, either Japanese or S. Korean.

You're right though that Chinese brands have a hard time selling in Western markets. But that could change with the advent of EVs (Electric Vehicles) as China is expected to become the world leader in the EV market, industry and technology.

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sfphoto Post time: 2017-9-14 01:37

Here's a list of the top ten auto brands in Australia for 2016:

I said Sydney not Australia. Walk around a suburb like Surry Hills even and all the cars are European. Most cars on the road are European unless you are out west. European. Sydney not Australia.

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HailChina! Post time: 2017-9-14 08:42
I said Sydney not Australia. Walk around a suburb like Surry Hills even and all the cars are Europ ...

You said Sydney alright but Sydney is going to be taken over by Australia shortly. Wait and see my prediction come true! Anyway no Chinese brands there...

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HailChina! Post time: 2017-9-14 08:42
I said Sydney not Australia. Walk around a suburb like Surry Hills even and all the cars are Europ ...

Well, Trump complained that all the luxury cars in his country clubs are German while none of the cars in Germany are American. My guess is that's probably the same in the upscale suburbs of Australian cities.
But for mass-market cars, Japanese and Korean cars now dominate the U.S market for passenger sedans.

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10 new Chinese brands for Australia
The number of car brands on sale in Australia could surge by 25 per cent within a few years if more ... -20100430-tywy.html

Australian car buyers could have 10 new brands to choose from within two years with more than a dozen Chinese vehicle manufacturers working on an Australian export program.

The influx of unknown Chinese brands is unprecedented in number but follows a trend forged by Japanese and Korean car makers to use the Australian market as a test bed for western tastes, before tackling the giant US and European markets.

Most Chinese cars headed to Australia are likely to be small cars or four-wheel-drive-style wagons - two of the most popular new-car segments - but they have the potential to change the dynamic of the new-car market.

"If you underestimate the Chinese you will pay a price," said former Holden executive Kevin Wale, the man now in charge of General Motors' flourishing Chinese operations.

"The Chinese manufacturers are growing in capability every day and history tells you that if you underestimate the Japanese or the Koreans you pay the price."

China is now the world's biggest consumer of new cars, beating the US market in 2009 by buying more than $13 million new cars. There are more than 40 new-car brands.

Great Wall Motors was the first Chinese brand to arrive here last year and will be followed this year by Chery, one of China's five big car makers. They're set to be joined soon after by the new owner of Volvo, Geely.

Others hoping to ship cars to Australia include unknowns such as Chana, Dongfeng, Zotye, Gonow, Roewe, Hawtai and BYD, the latter planning to topple Toyota by 2025 as the world's biggest car maker. One, Lifan, is even looking at assembling cars in Australia.

"It may make more sense economically to assemble the cars in Australia than just import them," Lifan assistant general Igor Tan told Drive.

All up more than 10 brands told Drive they either had firm plans or were canvassing export partners with a view to selling cars here by 2012.

The managing director of Ateco, already importing two Chinese brands and looking at more, says the imminent influx isn't a surprise.

"It's an invaluable test market if you want to sell in Europe or North America," said Ric Hull. "It will probably push the Koreans [car makers] upmarket, who in turn will keep pushing the Japanese further upmarket."

Like it's done with consumer electronics, the Chinese look set to lower prices, exerting pressure on the lower end of the market in much the same way Hyundai did in the 1990s.

"It will possibly have its major impact on the used-car market," said Hull. "People then face a very simple choice, do you buy a car with a three-year warranty behind it or do you buy a used car."

Pricing could be 10 or 20 per cent lower than other similar vehicles on the market - and with additional equipment.

"If the Koreans don't have alloy wheels, we'll do alloy wheels," said Dinnesh Chinnappa, Ateco's general manager of new ventures, talking about how the company's Chinese brands - Chery and Great Wall - will get traction.

Currently Chinese car makers are predominantly producing regular petrol- and diesel-engined vehicles, but many are investing hundreds of millions in electric and hybrid vehicles.

BYD is one of the world's largest battery producers and only started building cars in 2003; last year it produced almost half a million vehicles.

Australian importers have their eyes on some of the Chinese electric vehicles, with Ateco considering various options.

"We want to have an electric car in 2011," said Ateco's governing director Neville Crichton, signaling a target price of $25,000. "We're very confident we will." .....

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seneca Post time: 2017-9-13 20:31
There are NO CHINESE cars on Europe's roads - save perhaps in Ukraine and Russia.
Human lives mean little when those in the WEST see a bigger gain through war

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E-car, hybrid, hydrogen, fuel and diesel cars have all one thing in common - no anyone of them will solve the traffic congestion problem at rush hours anywhere in the world. Thus every one of the above mentioned vehicles* are stuck together and will have to wait their turn to roll on for a few meters.
So go on governments of the world and solve the problem with your traffic jams and the pollution will be halved instantly.

* Includes also cars that run on compressed air.
Twentyfive percent out of nothing is still nothing!

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