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What are China’s advancements in the last 5 years?   [Copy link] 中文

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JohnV Post time: 2017-9-2 18:33
Bad practice emanreus, especially for a supposedly reputable site like this one.

I agree with you, the site is reputable, certain members are NOT...

Anything anti Chine is welcomed,
over and over again.

As far as Im concerned, it's a good laugh, a dead giveaway from them anti China boys...

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JohnV Post time: 2017-9-2 14:56
Here’s one for the moderators.
When clicking on the site pop-up, ‘How do you view China’s advance ...

This site suffered a massive hack maybe 2 yrs ago (or so they say) and never really recovered...
if you want something in life get off your backside, and do it yourself!! don't rely on others to do it for you

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@emanreus @parcher

Yes, I’ve already met some, both here and on other sites. Same with Russia. I hope they’re happy back in the west doing their SJW thing. They come from countries looking to build utopia’s and end up a bit disillusioned that they haven’t found it here either. Of course it’s not perfect here, nowhere is, but it’s not China and Russia that are losing a large percentage of their educated and middle class as they flee Europe in their millions. Good luck to the west as it plays cultural Marxism with its societies
h t t p://

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Concerning the thread topic.

I think it’s a little misleading to see China’s advancement in terms of a set number of years, as it’s on going. What both China and Russia have is the luxury of looking at the west and learning from its mistakes and especially those form the 60s onwards, as the west turned to liberalism and from the 90s onward as it started to engage in cultural Marxism. The knockout punch will be eventually be progressivism and those millennial soft heads that haven’t already been indoctrinated with making themselves colour blind and changing the earth’s climate will wonder how they got there.

It always make me smile when I see people cheering for open borders and then trying to disguise the  consequences of mass rapes, ghettos and terrorism with terms like, ‘anti-Islamic activity’. Or the SJWs as they chant, ‘kill the rich’ and ‘smash capitalism’, but at the next election vote the same 1% back in.

Then I look at places like Shenzhen, or Hong Kong and realise that if China had gone down the same path as the west, they wouldn’t exist. If you’re going to spend the wealth of your country policing the world and trying to make everyone equal using relative poverty as an indicator, there isn’t going to be anything left over and the only reason now for the term ‘first’ as in first world, is being able to borrow, or print more money.

As the west continues to collapse economically and socially and the populations begin to wake up, perhaps our left over 60s radical leaders will eventually be relegated to the dustbin of history, where they belong.
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JohnV Post time: 2017-9-6 06:15
Concerning the thread topic.

I think it’s a little misleading to see China’s advancement in terms ...

re:  Concerning the thread topic.

Never a truer word spoken John.
Them, or should I say 'our China bashers' are fully aware that what they figure superiority they had over Asia is a thing of the past and their own making.
With China in particular, limiting all tech transfer but moaning about U.S. trade deficit which was $347 billion in 2016. The trade deficit exists because U.S. exports to China were only $116 billion while imports from China were $463 billion.  
The United States imports consumer electronics, clothing and machinery from China. A lot of the imports are from U.S. manufacturers that send raw materials to China for low-cost assembly. Once shipped back to the United States, they are considered imports.

  Huawei to unveil new smartphone with AI-powered chipset ‘Kirin 970’
PUBLISHED : Sunday, 03 September, 2017
Kirin 970, the latest mobile chip designed by Huawei, features a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that is able to process AI tasks right on the phones as compared with the commonly seen AI features normally dependent on the cloud.

During the launch event of Kirin 970 in Berlin, Germany on Saturday, Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s consumer business segment chief, said the mobile AI technology shall be a combination of both the cloud AI and the in-device AI as the latter solves the latency, stability, and privacy issues of cloud AI.

In a benchmark image recognition test, Yu said a Kirin 970-powered device could recognise 2,005 images in a minute, compared with 487 images by Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus and 95 images by Samsung’s Galaxy S8 model.

The Shenzhen-based company is due to release its Mate 10 series in Munich, Germany on October 16, according to Yu.

Huawei has designed and manufactured its own mobile chips since 2009.
In February,Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi launched its own smartphone chips for its budget phone Mi 5C, becoming the fourth smartphone brand in the world after Apple, Samsung and Huawei that have the ability to design and make mobile chips for commercial use.
This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as:
Huawei releases in-house AI-powered mobile chip.

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Yes, I don’t think many understand that they wouldn’t be able to afford many of the goodies in the west if western manufacturers made them. It’s why the outsourcing to escape the huge corporation taxes, mass emigration out of Europe and businesses having to become social work departments to their employees - ‘you didn’t make that on your own and spread the wealth around’.

China is too big to do a Libya or Iraq on it and the west is now doing everything it can to stop the economic competition with sanctions and keep China as a developing periphery first world supplier. It’s an economic war and the west is losing.

I don’t especially cheer on China in all this and feel sorry for the west, but you can either produce wealth to keep you off welfare and live by the profits of what you produce, or sit on your backside, cheer on equality entitlement welfare and learn the hard way. Let the bashers get on with it, because when they go back to their liberal paradises what they’ll find is mass unemployment, food kitchens and rising poverty and the booby prize was previously a free Obamaphone!

When you ask these people what they did before they came to China, they either go very quiet, or tell you a fairy story about their rich successful business back home. Like you’d give up a rich successful business to become a TEFL teacher in China!
I dedicate this song to all those who can’t hack it in China, anywhere else and back in their home countries either :)

Minority got an Omama phone
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wish me good luck

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