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Questions to ask English experts from Chinese learners (Round 12) [Copy link] 中文

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Thank every member who answered readers' questions from last time. Chinese English learners from Wechat are very happy to recieve your replies. Here are more questions from them:

1. Can you explain some common rules of funeral dress code in the US? Is it a must to dress in black?

2. What is a godparent exactly? What are the roles and duties of a godparent? Does it have powerful religious overtone nowadays?

3. Sex education has been taught inadequately in school and avoided by parents in China. A growing number of Chinese are now calling for better sex education to combat child sex abuse, rising rates of sexually transmitted diseases, and unwanted pregnancies. Where do US teens get sex education from? Is sex education a compulsory part of the curriculum in primary and secondary schools in the US?

4. Many young Chinese backpackers traveling on a shoestring choose to stay in a youth hostel. Are youth hostels popular in the West and on what occasions will people choose to stay in hostels? Have you ever stayed in hostels in China? Are they different from those in the West?

The previous rounds:

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1.  Yes its customary to dress in black,  at least dark clothing.  Wear your best clothes,  nothing flashy.  Its worth it,  funerals are a good place to pick up girls.

2.  Godparents,  I have no idea.  Not common enough.

3.  Sex education is compulsory for the most part.  Parents can have their child skip the class if they teach the child themselves.  99% of kids take sex ed in school.  Starting around grade four for girls an five for boys.  

Sex education is a poor name for the courses.  Human biology would be a better name for the content of the classes.  

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A Godparent is a person chosen to take and raise your children in the event of your death. Usually it is a family member such as an aunt, uncle or cousin, but can also be a very good friend. It is considered an honor to be chosen for this.

Sex education is not really about sex. It is more about biology. Most parents avoid talking about sex with their children because they are uncomfortable with the topic. The children are none too thrilled either, to be discussing sex with their parents. Most children end up learning about sex from their equally clueless friends or from experimenting on their own. Personally I think it would make more sense to purchase a quality and classy pornography video where the actors use condoms and let your children watch it individually and privately. Tell them they are free to ask you any questions they may have after. Be sure and watch it yourself first so you don't look like an idiot after if they ask a question.

Black is customary attire for funerals or at least dark clothing.
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1. Dress for Funerals should be Respectful. As long as your intention is to be respectful, you may wear what you wish. The U.S. is very diverse so you may find a wide range of expectations. You may be surprised to discover that as a foreign national in the U.S. you are given a wide acceptance to bring your own culture, and also for making mistakes in American culture.

2. The original intent of being a Godparent was to promise to take a friend or family child to be your own if the biological parents died or are unable to care for the child.

3. I am too old to know what is done in public schools today.

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