Who cares the most about people?

Who cares the most about people?

The Chinese onslaught against and upon the COVID-19 was never easier. The successful containment of it is a meritorious achievement due to confident and speedy actions of the CCP’s top brasses led by President Xi. Decisively and courageously lockdowned the entire city of more than 7.5 million people that ensured nothing else moved for over 76 days ( all businesses, dealings & transportation were truly shut out and down ). Who else in this world would dare to enforce such rules upon discovering the onset of this coronavirus attacks for people sake, so affirmatively ?

Whereas, American politicians including President Trump, Pomp, Marcos & others were preoccupied watching with amusements and delights in the hope that millions of Chinese folks inside China would be infected and/or killed by this coronavirus.

In the good name of Heaven , fortunately their expectations and wishes did NOT come true; whereas, karma(s) resulted in at least 112,000 killed and more than 2,000,000 badly injured by COVID-19 to-date in the USA.

In fact, it was their complacent attitudes and irresponsibility(ies) of all hopeless American politicians that had allowed COVID-19 to happily spread and mutilate among their people while devising plans ( with so much time wasted ) to shift blames in order to bash China for the sake of captivating audiences and voters in their November 2020 election.

These US politicians do NOT care much about people first and critically unsure as to why majority of Americans who died from COVID-19 attacks are Black Americans. Does it mean COVID-19 is so terribly racist too or the Black Americans are too poor to be regarded ?

Why are there so many Black Americans enlisted in the US Armed and Police Forces ? That’s their only guaranteed way to get a decent paid job and paid education relative to the Whites.


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