The key to the Newton's law
2020-06-09 About the main point of the Darwin‘ evolution theory,we have the sharp summary: '适者生存’ (The creatures who can adapt to the environment will survive in the nature. )

Now SEARU‘s saying of ‘迫物变速’’ should be thought as a good conclusion to the Newton's second law on movement. One Chinese character 迫 can also help learners quickly understand the other formulas:
W=F*S Work(功)is the existing of such 迫(force)in space-span;

Searu always believe that teachers should do lectures in oral words. I remembered that it was failure when I tried to copying professor‘ teaching to the middle school students in early 1990s. So I had to turn the deep theory into plain words plus enough practical tests. In the factory those workers had their own understanding on how the electric motors run in the magic way without fuel-consuming.


kevinruud 2020-06-21 11:00

You have reversed the order of reading. Darwin first said something in English, not in Chinese, then translated back into bad English, OK?

SEARU 2020-06-15 18:38

To Darwin‘s theory: ’The adapted have survived.' ?  From a magazine I learned that a wise translator had drawn such a nice summary to the biology subject. BUt my experience with newton‘s law is not the same story since I did read some of the related articles when in university. 
Now,if you do me a favour,please show us your note to the above?
Thanks in advance! ’

kevinruud 2020-06-15 17:25

Your explanation of the idiom of Darwin is wordy, that shows you have not read the original in English, haha. The same problem with the Newton.