How magic is the nature force
2020-04-08 How magic is the nature-force
In Chinese dictionary there is a special word which refers to ‘lightning’. Why? Its top is 雨 (rain)with the two horizon lines representing cloud layers and the four dots should be the water drops from the sky. The lightning can spit the ground into pieces which scene looks like the shape of 田. Then how to understand the huge ‘hook’ from the clouds to the underground? The bright lightning seems like ‘dragon’ who is born from the heaven and comes down to the mortal world and disappears as soon as he touches the ground. Now, we can sense the power of nature force which no one can resist!

The present novel coronavirus is so terrible that all Globe citizens are shavering when driven by its magic force! The influence is greater than any nuclear bomb in scale. The invisible creature from the nature has been teaching us a good lesson on environment-protection!

Human being is only one sort of the millions kinds of creatures in the world. We should not be too bold before the gods. (The Tibetan people belive that every object has its own spirit who always teach kids to respect the gods of the mountain and river. They seldom wash clothes and never pour dirty water into the river in afraid of making the water-god angry! )But in the modern society, we have overused too much natural materials.


SEARU 2020-04-13 11:04

So happy for your definition. I have posted many threads on the spelling of some special Chinese characters in which you will get more interesting explaining to our language. Welcome have a look for entertainment if so.

KIyer 2020-04-13 08:48

Thanks for the lovely description of the symbol. One could learn Chinese very enjoyably this way..