Breath-controling means a lot to martial arts
What's the meaning of the Chinese proverb

In the martial arts circle there is such a saying: '外练筋骨皮,内练一口气. " In appearance you do lessons on some martial arts which will drive you become stronger on the blood vessels, bones and skin; In the meantime what taking place inside of the body should be that you must have a good adjusting on breathing: A nice gas-environment can offer you enough energy for the hard performance. (The powerful muscles act as a reservoir which can absorb huge amount of oxygen with the least waste gas that is ideal condition for the ‘fish’ of your each cell. )
Through this sentence we see that ‘breath-controling’ counts half of your success on martial arts. In the special period of fighting against the coronavirus, it is necessary for us to better understand the secret of Chinese martial culture.


KIyer 2020-03-29 07:08

Thanks for sharing this. It is true that keeping active and healthy makes all cells of the body more easily capable of repairing themselves even if damaged. Lungs are vital in this case. Yes, people with good lungs have a better chance of surviving even a corona virus infection in the lungs as those whose lungs are not as resilient

SEARU 2020-03-22 11:10

The benifit from the breath-controling program
Just minutes ago I had isolated myself from the outside without any exchanging on gas that process had lasted as long as 100 seconds! It is hard to believe!
According to the biological theory, creatures can do all efforts to adapt the changing of the living environment. The frequent oxygen-supply problems will force the body to product more powerful red blood cells for the transportation of the nutritious gas.
The skin will become more shining as more blood flowing inside that means more beautiful face for gentlemen and ladies. Furthermore that colleague told me part of my white hair had turned into black due to the martial practice. You can imagine how I feel when hearing such a 'flattery' remark! (Of course it is a fact since I could see the truth in the mirror when driving. )