Amazing English Enlightenment - Part 1
2020-02-24 I've been in China for about 8 years total. I came in 2011. I'm from America. I've gone back home several times. I've taught more than 10,000 English classes since I came here. I've appeared on television more than 80 times in China. I've had students who took my classes for many years and went on to colleges like Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University and University of Chicago.

Many people from all over China have added me on WeChat. In fact, until WeChat allowed us to have more than 5,000 friends, my Friends List stayed full. They all want to know one thing.

'How can you produce such high results for your students?'

The answer to that question is simple, yet, can be complex. Part of my method is called the 'Natural Approach' to language learning. My mentor was the famous English teaching expert, Steve Krashen. I took his approach and molded it for Chinese students.

I know the struggles that Chinese students have in learning English. Chinese students are hard-working and smart. But, why is English so hard for them?

Through this blog, I'm going to take you through the method that I use. I'm going to give the secrets to learning and teaching English the way I do. The average student stays in my classes at least 5 years. Most of the primary school students I have will be fluent in English before they begin high school.

Follow me on this journey as I share with you the method that I've developed and how I've produced amazing results. You can do it too even though you aren't a native English speaking professional like me.



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