W.H.O. Praises China
2020-02-15 When asked if China asked to be praised for their actions regarding the coronavirus by a Western reporter, this is the response of The World Health Organization's head, Tedros Adhanom.

"China doesn't need to ask to be praised. For instance, the pathogen was identified in record time. And immediately, they shared the sequence. And when they shared the sequence, it helped other countries to prepare diagnostic tools to test cases. That, by implication means, they have helped in preparing other countries. But, I don't know why you say. We were in this room in a board meeting and almost all member states were praising China for what they did. It's a shutdown of Wuhan city and that helped in preventing cases from being exported to other provinces in China and the rest of the world. The actions of China is making us safer. And I know there is a lot of pressure on the W.H.O. and we appreciate what China is doing. But, because of pressure, we should not fail to tell the truth. We should tell the truth and that's the truth. China doesn't need to ask to be praised. And I don't expect that any country would ask to be praised. That's the truth. The whole truth."


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