Why The Huge Increase of Confirmed Cases Overnight
2020-02-15 On February 13th, the China authorities made a very bold, responsible and courageous decision regarding the coronavirus. They decided to include those who had been clinically diagnosed in the confirmed cases in addition to those who had been diagnosed by testing. This resulted in a huge increase (overnight) of the number of confirmed cases.

Why did they do this?

This is a question on many people's mind around the world. Especially in light of the fact that they knew that it would be misunderstood and exploited by those who want to blame and find fault with China. However, if you approach this crisis with any intelligence at all, you will know the reason that they did this. They did it as an over-precaution in treatment and monitoring of the potential spread of the disease. In short, they did it to save more lives.

The consideration of 'saving face' or 'losing face' was irrelevant. They made this decision for the safety of those who had been clinically diagnosed as well as the safety of China and the world. Those who had been clinically diagnosed could now receive the same treatment as those who had been confirmed through testing. Not only that, but, they can investigate and monitor those who had come into contact with these patients.

It was a bold move, but, it sends a message to the world that China is being very responsible in their actions in stopping the spread of this virus and to ensure that complete containment and control is accomplished.

Of course, with this action, many Western media and governmental sources interpret it in a way to find more fault with China. These are ill-informed people who have a bias against anything that China does. Nonetheless, it was a right move to take this action.


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