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Throw That Travel Guide Away

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Do me a favor will you? Stop Googling online on must visit attractions and must 

do stuffs prior to your trip. Throw that guide book away where there are hundreds 

of must try must do stuffs, and you ended up trying too much and getting disappointed.

Is it understandable that some of us try to make the most out of our trip. But making the most 

out of the trip doesn't mean you should get yourself stress up or tense up trying out every 

single thing written on travel bible.

Because when traveling involves a certain number of must do must see things, it might no 

longer be fun, instead try to have an open mind, let lose, while the city or places guide you 

through its charms and wonders.

Don't force yourself to the museum if you're not a fan of it, as you won't see any different 

there, it will just be a museum for you. But when you let go of that stubborn thought and do 

something you really like for example hanging out at the local bar or hunting down for food, 

then you find something you could relate to, something that makes your trip pleasant and 

makes you happy. You will go back satisfy with good memories well kept with you, and 

that's what really matters. And that's the time when you start noticing things around that 

others don't, which means you're having a trip of your own that's different from what 

others have, an experience unique for you. 

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