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Abandoned girl

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I stepped up on the stair of Dongdan- Wangfujing  tiny park and found a small gathering. Many small matter happens here and usually I always attend in.Last time a small boy showing magic was wonderful.

I put my eyes in and viewed something strange. A little girl aged 5 or 6 sitting on the park  street alone with a bowl having a half eaten mantou in it.Then I put my attention towards the public surround in.Soon I understand this girl lost the way and her parents.I asked the next man standing besides me.He replied she is abandoned .The man looks at me and found a laowai is talking to him,he became cautious .The girl wearing thick jacket and god knows how many days she didn’t took a shower. Her face was sticky with same dirts look like coming out from a coal mining area.She was looking toward peoples feet but no eye contact.A man tried to talk very politely but no answer.Probably this girl for the first time comes out from her village home and surprised to see so many people taking a great interest on her.I could see some anxieties in her eyes. Someone announced she was abandoned by her parents. Oh no , how that can be possible! Why she was abandoned. Inhuman , cruel!Its the month of December in 1984.There are extreme cold outside. Who will take care of this baby? I slowly left the place for my wife’s dormitory in Dabeiyao.I told my wife and she shows a great interest to bring her here in the dormitory.

Its not possible because the authority will not allow us to do that and then the school gate, management.Its tough for us to help the child.

I cant concentrate on television programme the only recreation for us in the evening.We cook and eaten up our food.I sleep near the window and I was looking outside towards the dark night.I cant sleep at all. Lookup to my wife , she is sleeping as both of us doing hard job in the class. I opened up the window little bit and start smoking. How the baby survived. Did any kindhearted people took her to their home and give a warm towel, a bowl of warm porridge , share a bed and ask her to sleep?It is impossible that the baby can be kidnapped.Beijing donot have this trends. Or she is sitting in the park without a blanket , no food.Tears start shedding from my eyes.My wife awakened  and surprising to found me still not sleeping and smoking.

Not feeling good,any problem with health?

No dear I am just thinking about the girl,I cried up.

Well she is been rescued by someone, I am sure,you see,so don’t be tense about her, you even cannot pick her,I would do if I was there.Now go for sleep.

I feel relived after crying.I had some sleep in the night.In the morning at 10 o’clock during the class break I comes to the spot walking inside the slam area next to the Union medical hospital.The market still shutdown.Its almost vacant.I asked a man probably the shopkeeper cleaning a table out a temporary shed.He said he don’t know about the girl and never heard about.

I asked my department head during his visit to see our artwork.He said ‘this type of misdeed start happening in our society. A boy is desired by villagers as he can help his father in the field.’ She might be rescued by the local party secretary as we don’t have any child welfare home in our country yet for this type of new issues. Don’t worry aziz, she would be fine nearby anywhere.This is the reality started in China,I am sorry.

Nobody want a female baby and they are abandoned on the street.I refuse to call them mom and dad rather two legged beast.     

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