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Write 'Diary' every day!

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I have written in the last post about the documentation in Chinese history. I have ended up my last post with the question on how we can use 'documentation' in our today's life.  

I was thinking, what was one can start documenting. Definitely, documentation is no easy task. It took more than 8 pages to describe, what I have enacted in 10 minutes of session in one of my story telling meetup. My attention turned once again to Chinese history and then my own life. In many times of Chinese history, the writings were written by normal people expressing their grief, sorrow, happiness as well as their day to day life style. 

Something like what we can sum up like writing a 'diary'. I am writing diary from quiet few years but somehow, I felt the essence of it in changing ourselves while going through those historical moments. So, how writing a 'diary' can help you, especially to us, the 21st century generation! 

Keeping you in the conversations: 

I am not the one who has predicted this,  but at least can witness this on the continous basis. Conversation are somehow dying among the human being with the arrival of technology in our personal life. The place of our emotions, laugh being taken by wall posts, posting things on social media and sitting most of the time on the internet to find answers which can be resolved just by simple conversations. 

In my view, we are stopping becoming our true self, by not expressing our selves truly. Typing something on a social networking website does not express about who we are? It just displays who we want to become, or how we like to be looked to maintain our social status (I may be wrong here, but just telling from my own experience).

But when we speak(I am saying speaking) to someone or just to a friend, we are expressing ourselves in a much better way. As there is no option to edit comment or delete comment. 

Definitely, we cannot go back to 500 years back and stopped being tech friendly. But there are other ways to express, like if one can start writing diary (even few lines) on daily basis, then such conversation starts on slightly real basis. This is your diary, so one can write how the day went, what went wrong, what went right? Is there something memorable a person like to remember etc etc. It is an open space to share everything, as we are not compelled by the social status, ability to being look like someone else. 

While writing diary, person can be truly honest with him. 


Feeling relaxed

Many times, we cannot say what we want to say. One But we can try to write those thoughts in diary and stop them circulating them in our mind. Of course, this is not a solution to any problem but this can give us a relax state of mind. Writing diary just before going to bed, summarizing entire day’s experience is a good habit. A person can be totally in touch with his inner emotions as there is no one else to watch while penning down the thoughts. 

Try it yourself and let me know, if I am wrong! 


Becoming more disciplined

Writing diary on the regular basis, can prompt you to make better decision. I am not sure how it can work for others, but it certainly worked for me many times. While writing diary each day, many times I have thought of my actions (right/wrong) for a minute and realized that sometime I have wasted my time on certain activities too much. Sometime, I have felt that distraction of some sort has driven my attention from the main activity. 

Knowing such things helped in making plans to not to repeat such mistakes in future. This has indirectly helped me in planning my activities better :) which could otherwise go unnoticed. 


Best book to read

I know this, you  would be telling yourself,' I am very bad in writing or i am not good in maintaining schedules etc', like all kind of  things. But believe me, writing diary is a good investment of time. It helps you in connecting you with your inner emotions, your soul without any fear of getting loose something. You will become friend of your own and feel better everyday. You can write almost everything about anything as long as you feel good about it.

Believe me, once you start writing, there will be no end in sight. In fact, if you write continuously for more than 6 months than your own diary can be the best book for you to read during your free time. 


My diary 

Indeed, I am writing the diary since 2013 on regular basis and made many changes to myself. I continued this habit till today and you can see my diary in this picture. 

Final word! 

So, documentation does have an impact in our life. Like many people in the Chinese history, documentation is not just for people who do research, do some analysis, it can be useful for common people like us too. Like normal people in Chinese history express their grief, happiness and point of view towards life, so do you can do in 21st century to help yourself. 

There is no way, I am denying the importance of both personal and social network. I am just presenting an alternative way, somehow inspired by the 'Documentation: Something we can learn from the Chinese History'.


So, may be, on the eve of this new year, may be take a resolution to start writing a diary every day!! And let me know afterwards, how do you feel about this experience. 

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    I agree advisors need to share experiences good and bad, but also advise people to find and follow their own path.

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