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The Third Anniversary of My Best Loved Bro's Death

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It is The Third Anniversary of My Best Loved Bro's Death today,I really can not find appropriate words or sentences to shape my feelings or mind.
Every time we pay respect to my bro in the front of his tomb,we can not accept the hard fact that he had been away.This harder hit makes my whole family immerge in a nightmare all the way.We don't wanna swallow this fact! WE are unable to bear this lightning bolt,especially my senior parents!
God/Heaven is fair,but I can not spot any fairness in the case of my bro!My bro is an out-and-out good egg,why did God/Heaven invite him to the Paradise and hold him there for keeps?This affords much more food for my thought!And I can not figure out its connotation all of my days.
My senior parents wring their hearts to the very core each time we visit my younger bro altogether.This is a cruel thing to separate parents from their child.No one can endure this agony. Even for me,I can not cast more thought to my bro,otherwise I will lose my mind at last.
My younger bro was in his days when leaving us.He was just and only twenty-two years old at that time.
Before he left us,he once played chess with me in the hospital and had lunch with my mom and me,after I took the bus to train station,he was into a coma,and he did not wake any longer later,he just waited me back to see him!
However,he was active and positive when I met him in the hospital over those five days,I could not think through his fleeting death the second I left for work.
Leukemia is a terrifying and horrible sickness to deprive one's life in a turn of hand,we human should do our utmost to think out a countermeasure,or many more people will be killed by leaukemia.
I hope my younger bro can live better in another world,wherever he is,we entire family are his flesh and blood for good.
We are brothers for ever.
We are one family for all time!
We are your support all the time.
Our home is open for you for keeps.
You always live in our heart !
We are one!
We miss and love you for ever!
Your elder bro

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  • The Sun or the Moon? 2019-3-29 19:47

    Nice story! and It does make a sense.  Being grateful in our every life  arms us with happiness and confidence.

  • Aluminiferous Fried Seeds 2014-5-26 22:32

    The egg with hard shell must be safe !

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