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Temper myself and make some reflection

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Two network connectors were broken at my dorm. So this noon an idear to fix them occurred to me gratuitively. I blurted it out. My roommate asked me to call the repairing phone to send for technicians to come to fix them. I did it, though, it should''ve been fixed a few days ago but no body took a baby step to call the phone and it was forgotten then. I tried it, filled the form for collecting repairing information.

Just several minutes ago, the technican came and did his job but not all the problems were solved. He left one broken network connector unfixed there and has gone. So after he's gone, my roommates made a conversation or more rightly a disscussion with me. They said it was my responsibility for leaving the network connector unfixed because I ignored and showed no attention to the techician and I should've talked with the techican and leave the game alone which I was playing then.

When the techican knocked the door, I walked over to open the door but then sat back on the chair and continued playing the game but not talked with him like treating a guest in my house.

They said asking for people to fix the network connectors  was I who did it so only I should treat the techican and talked with him about what the wrongs were in the connectors. But this sounded to me like the network connectors were my things. Of course, their network connectors or correctly the network connectors they took the first step to get and were using then were definitively OK and workable. So one of the two wrong ones should be mine. 

I have taken an optional course in my university. It is called Property Law. The teacher once took dormitory as an example to illustrate public property and responsiblities of public property. For people living in the same building, they have public properties rights and responsiblities, not only limited to the place they rent for or the place they own. They have public property rights for the walls connected to other dwellers's places. 

And students' dormitories are public places generally. They don't own public properties in their rooms, such as the air-conditioners, the beds, the lights, the desks and chairs and so on. So, can anybody tell me - Are network connectors public connectors? Should we have mutual responsiblities for them? The answer speaks itself without evidence.

But in some sense, some of what they had blamed on me is thought-provoking. Flinging the responsibilities away, though the game was appealing, why not spared some time to treat the technician but not leave him there like a stranger? 

But my reaction to the technican is understandable as to me. I am not good at dealing with people, so poor at it. When meeting with people, even those I am familiar with, I tend to recline my head down a little bit, not bold enough to make eye contacts often. And I am not a talkative person, especially sitting together to have a dinner with others.

These all answers reasons for my reaction.

Now I am looking at my defect carefully and sadly at the same time. But it is a good start. I have to face it.

I was enraged with my roommates for they pointed at me with my defect and considering all the blame should be on me. But I contained my anger. I tempered my anger. I am calm now. 

But remember to be confident. No one cares about your emotions. No one cares. Only you know how much your bad emotions hurt you. So, be relent but confident. 

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Reply Report HailChina! 2017-3-19 09:19
I had a plumber come to replace a water heater recently and when he arrived I told him that if he needed help to let me know. The water heater was outside and I would be inside. So he replaced the water heater and he took the old one away, but as he was taking the old one away I could hear him and it sounded like he was struggling with it because it must have been heavy and awkward. Since he had not asked me for any help I did not help him but in hindsight I feel kind of bad about not going outside to help when it sounded like he was struggling to move it. The truth is that I really didn't want to help him move it, especially since I had offered help if needed and he did not ask. I preferred to avoid that interaction. It was the interaction that I did not want more than not wanting to help someone lift something. I can identity with your feeling of not wanting any more interaction with the repair guy than necessary and I do not think your actions were bad. The fact that you did not check with the guy that the job was fully done before he left indicates to me that you are a trusting person that did not question the repair guys ability to do his job. The problem in your scenario is not that you treated a stranger as a stranger - just that you may not have been clear enough in communicating the problem or that the repair guy had trouble comprehending. It was just a communication problem and you should not feel as though you failed to have upright interaction with the repair guy.
Reply Report shehemego 2017-3-19 22:55
I have never been in thought of interacton with people the way you think. It is quite new to me but I agree with you with 100 percent of support.

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    Actually I may make you misunderstood. Before China's reform and opening-up, an very important policy to China and to the world as well, Chinese women preferred to cover up, only leaving their faces, necks and hands in the air. So there was a long time when Chinese women filled themselves up with clothes. And now, the old Chinese people or even my mom still think they are so exposed with just a little cloth when girls on TV show more parts of their bodies outside, of course, they are wearing clothes still. But Chinese young girls do copy the trend of wearing shorts to show off their fair-skinned legs, which started in South Korea, I think. In South Korea there are many girl groups. They are singers and dancers as well. They wear short dress or short shorts to attract our eyeballs. As far as I am concerned, in terms of the Chinese girls who wear shorts or short skirts, maybe there are some sluts but I believe that most of them just want to follow the trend, feeling confident themselves and maybe they just like the way they are dressed. Another thing to add to that is that Chinese modern girls still want to cover their upper bodies so they choose clothes that help avoid any exposion of their upper bodies except for their arms,necks and faces. So in fact, you can't easily find any sluts in China, yet. Back to the topic of my blog, my point is that the art I saw a few days ago is made with a thing which shapes as a woman's body and the painter drawed a traditional Chinese picture on it. I think it is fine for art to do so. We should not think about sex while talking about art. Art is nothing to do with sex just as sex is nothing to do with art. The last point I want to talk with you is that I am not a person who welcomes sluts, not to mention to be OK with it. But I love arts. Art embodies beauty and inspiration. Anyway, you do give me a new way to think about girls who wear so sexually even when they don't mean it.

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