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In my former life I sustained a severe injury to my lower back. At the time it wasn't so bad but as I grew older, and exacerbated by manual labor the pain became untenable and affected other parts of my body. I developed plantar fasciitis - a painful condition in my left foot while my right knee swelled and throbbed after a few hours of work, and my shoulder ached constantly. My brother, watching me walk just after waking, said: "It looks like your torso has been placed on your hips but not attached. You're walking like your top half might fall off the bottom half." That is a pretty apt description.    
When I decided to move to China I realized I couldn't - or, more specifically didn't want to bring my aches and pains with me. Unwilling to spend thousands on therapy and decidedly against surgery I pinned all my hopes on acupuncture - pun intended .  
By that time I was in love with China and all things Chinese. Naturally I sought a Chinese TCM doctor. I was in luck! Dr. Wang YiMing had a practice not too far from where I lived. You can read about her here: 
Her clinic, while welcoming, bordered on the austere. I was further put off by her seeming detachment and the fact that she made light of my troubles, which bore heavily on me. All of this because, at our initial meeting I had no idea how experienced she was. Of course she could make the pain in my body disappear! 
That first session involved several needles in the small of my back and more in my left heel. After being pin-cushioned - all needles properly positioned, she turned on relaxing music, turned out the lights and softly said: "Thirty minutes I'll be back" and then closed the door. I could hardly believe that amount of time had elapsed when she returned. I was so relaxed! I felt I would ooze off the table. She took the needles out, applied an herbal patch to my back and set another appointment for later that week. 
Besides this cloud of relaxation I floated on I realized my body did not ache at all! I was so loosy-goosy (relaxed) and enraptured at being pain free I could barely drive home. Fortunately my niece was with me. She helped me focus. 
In all, it took 7 treatments to completely banish the pain in my back and foot, and to this day (5 years later) they have not returned. 
Dr. Wang did warm up to me. I told her I was headed to China: she was happy for me. I shared my excitement with her when I landed a contract, guaranteeing my place here. She printed out all sorts of information about Wuhan, and even gave me a contact to connect with once I got here. Every time I go back to visit I stop by her office. We laugh about my pitiful efforts at speaking Chinese back then, compared to now.  
I hate to think TCM is on its way out. Five thousand years of accrued wisdom can't be wrong!    

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