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Beware Of Technical Cheaters........

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                                                      I SHOULD NOT BE THIS GREEDY
I was just preparing to back to my country for my winter holidays.I decided to buy some good presents for my friends and family members .I went to a famous street in Guangzhou with one of my best friends(my country fellow) to buy a few stuff . We had an encounter with a Chinese a man who should be probably about 45 to 50 years old.He tried to tell us something,but we did not understand him.Then he showed us Iphone5 ,the black one and told the price.He could speak some 3 or 4 english words such as hello,very good,low price.Then we got to know that he wants to sell that iPhone5 for 2500RMB.I could not afford that much and we started to walk again.He didnot want to leave us  so,he was running behind us with the phoneI thought he is in the great need of money that is why he is selling his phone.But ,I just wanted to escape  ,So I asked him ,can you give it for 200RMB?.He hesitated in the beginning then said 'okay'.It was unbelievable .We took that phone from him and checked it's IMEI number,ios version,camera clarity .Everything was perfect as it was an original iphone.Then I paid the money ,so,he gave the phone and  he asked us to keep the phone inside of my bag.We didnot mind as we checked the phone.After 15 mins I tried to turn on the iphone but I couldnot.Then I got busy with my shopping .When I came back to my room I checked once again and realised it is a fake phone with no motherboard ,no working display and button,no ports for charger and head phone.Overall,it is a  Iphonetoy which exactly look and weigh like an iphone which worth about 5 to 10 RMB.I really should admit that ,he is an intelligent,because there are 3 reasons ,1.he should have changed the phone within a fraction of seconds,2. original phone and fake phone both had exactly similar scratch on its screen 3.He just had one iphone in his hand.I don't know either to cry as i was cheated or to admire that man...I took this incident in a positive way, is the answer......He gave me a free charger for the fake iphone that I can use for my 

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Reply Report voice_cd 2014-3-16 17:05
Thank you Vimsy, we have highlighted your blog to the homepage of the blog.
Reply Report LanaLiao 2014-3-16 19:29
Poor guy!Well, it doesn't matter. Just consider it a lesson you have drawn  from this unpleasant experience. A fall in the pit, a gain in the wit.  Furtunately, it's 200 RMB, NOT 2000, that you paid for the I phone toy!So, be positive and optimistic about this experience.
Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-3-16 20:29
This story is very Whimsical, Vimsy! Your name reminds me of that word! A variation of a too familiar theme . The old switcharoo scam - see my good to rotten fruit story.  Yes it could have been worse. However I one thing many reading this will also think .. If a poorly dressed, young guy comes up to you to sell some expensive piece of electronic equipment, you have to ask how he came to have it? Two main conclusions..stolen or fake. Buyer beware!
Reply Report snowipine 2014-3-17 10:07
Unforgetable experience,but, be happy!
Reply Report vimsy 2014-3-17 21:39 (Pending for approval)
Validation failed
Reply Report vimsy 2014-3-17 21:40
ColinSpeakman: This story is very Whimsical, Vimsy! Your name reminds me of that word! A variation of a too familiar theme . The old switcharoo scam - see my good to ...
yes............Now I realised Mr.Colin
Reply Report vimsy 2014-3-17 21:42
snowipine: Unforgetable experience,but, be happy!
Yes....Also I learned a lesson.......
Reply Report nnish 2014-3-24 18:00
Next time be careful . I have seen this in Yiwu futian market where they sell iphones . They will show you a genuine phone first when you pay them they swap it and say keep it inside quickly . Once you come home its going to be a toy or a fake phone.
Reply Report vimsy 2014-3-26 08:21
nnish: Next time be careful . I have seen this in Yiwu futian market where they sell iphones . They will show you a genuine phone first when you pay them the ... friend and me were looking at him......I really understand when he would have changed.........

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