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Positive energy VS negative emotion

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I am not a psychologist but today I tend to introduce the topic how it can win both positive energy and negative emotion while we face comprehensive and critical conflict of daily deals. We are human beings and we would not flee some negative dealings and even we make such mistake as well. How do we handle these sort embarrassed or annoyed situation which others provide or embark on abnormally. I do believe anyone can list many cases to explain how to lose her/his intellect. Even closest friends will leave against each other with dealing with them incorrectly. We perform anything with certain mood at that time. Then if you are very happiness you bring these practices into positive state. On the contrary, when you are in low mood or bad background mood, you can image what will happened when you communicate with others or perform some regular routine business. That is true that all thing or communication will be abnormal. What you act on most behavior are that you complain with annoying feeling or argue with little quarrel instead of calming down emotionally. Even you lose common logical action and commonly judging ability for you fall into outrageous state and extreme bad feeling. After we make such action we all regret these fault, but we would not recover them like before. Further more, we never recognize them while we are indulged on.


   The most successful person can control self any time and any situation. To ordinary people, it is difficulty and impossible to possess these ability. One old saying is citing that one successful person occupy three factors in personality character: silence, justice, abandoning bad habit. Among these personalities, I just choose “silence” to indicate how to dealt when you are in so  bad mood state. Keeping silence will avoid too much trouble. It is notorious that accident is from your mouth. Even a few words become the fact which they will probably change your lifetime.


Let me summarize: you should keep silence when you fall into bad emotion; you are positive you should maintain more calmly.

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Reply Report luckykai 2013-12-25 11:16
error:"To ordinary people ,it is difficult and impossible to possess these ability"
Reply Report 544736656 2013-12-25 13:35
When a person meets sad things and he wants to cry, he can cry to relief his terrible emotion.
Reply Report foreignchinese 2013-12-26 08:46
Do not go near to negative characters. They are contagious. Neither can one change the attitude of such characters. It is so paramount important that one should remain positive all the time. Just make sure that our circle of friends are always cheerful and always looking forward to each new day. Positive people are characters with positive auras. Their face will telll.
Reply Report 5teacup 2013-12-26 10:06
One of my mistakes in the past, not being silent more, and listening closer to the Holy Spirit, more important things right now than being drawn into an argument with a band, mocking me . It is something how I can turn on the radio and there might be a band on mocking me, like Seether with their song Fake It or Country Song, that song makes you want to leave the country . Sometimes silence is golden isn't it like the old saying .  .

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