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our youth(serial 8)

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Liu Tao smiled to old man and asked:”let me smoke your tobacco?”

The old man gave him his tobacco and told him:”don’t let your teacher see you.”

He received the tobacco from the old man and fired it. But his classmate cried loudly:”Liu Tao is somoking!”

He was seen by his teacher ,how miserable talking was waiting him.


Liu Tao and teacher stood face to face, but the teacher didn’t know how to talk with him. He looked at him angry and sighed in despair, after it ,he said to him with sincere words and earnest wishes:” how will you do if you graduate from school?” he afraid his future.

But Liu To  smiled and answered to him:” don’t worry about me ,the old men and women had told me that they would accept me after I graduate from school, they said that I’m so honest, because I want to plant the tobacco better,  smoking for know how to plant it although I ‘m only 16 years , they were called it ‘the spirit of devote myself to it’.after it he shamed with smiling.

The teacher could not say any words.


Next day, liu Tao was appointed to watering for the land.because after harvesting the wheat, it might planted the rice, so the watering is so important. But the middle age could do the watering, because the work is so weight, but it was so free.

Liu Tao did the watering with middle age person, he found that there were so many frog in the water. he was so happy, he told the middle age person that he want to catch the frog for eating.

The middle age person laughed at him and said :”where do you find the oil after you catch the frog?” that time,the life was so miserable in the countryside, the oil was less.

Liu Tao told them that there were in our kitchen.

 The milled age person told him that he could catch it if he find the oil.

Liu Tao catch twenty frogs, he told middle age person that he will fry it with oil.

He smiled and seemed that he had smelled  their odour.


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  • our youth (serial 42) 2020-5-9 18:53

    I suggest that you read the New Yorker, the Paris Review, and Harper's if you strive to learn how to write like a literary type;  such A-list publications publish several gripping stories every week or month.  At the very least, you could learn how to flesh out this story with more detail. Good luck to you.

  • our youth (serial 35) 2020-5-3 19:31

    Sorry for being plain-spoken, and I don't mean to discourage you from writing creatively, just one suggestion: in addition to spending time developing the plot of your story, please also put in the hours to work on grammar and other basics of English.

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