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Foreigner rape in public street of Beijing, beaten up by Chinese man.

Excuse me for sensational title, only in that way could attract you here...but i'm normally rational

It's all over weibo now, the whole even was very tricky so i decide to write a post here as a brainstorm for you all.

At 23:20, 8th May, according to the guy who uploaded this video, He and his friends who heard this girl crying for help, and find out a foreigner tried to rape a chinese girl in public, right in opposite of a busy street next to SOGO shopping mall, in Xuan Wu Men , Beijing, they ran over helped the girl and kick him away, and send to police(?)

Video link:
h t t p://

Photo link:
h t t p://

This video is uploaded on 9th of May meanwhile at almost same time, being spreaded on weibo and start a flame. Just one day later, another photo spreading on weibo from another user, this photo shows the same guy (very likely) and perhaps the same girl in subway, this seems pretty solid as a proof, to prove that video is true.

Anyone who suspects the accuracy or even truth about this news, is immediately labled with heartless traitor who tries to hurt the victim, and betrayed patronism to China.

People's patriotism, eager for justice were lit on fire, and will surely burn away all evil forces, quite a lot of them were calling for chasing away loser foreigners out of China, and in need for extreme wings.

I'd make no comments by now, but since I'm always interested about logic, and social events, and also, marketing(including virus marketing) skills

Now time to call for your brainstorms

1. Is this video(and photo) true or not, why? Where did you find logical and illogical?
2. If this news was true, perhaps with his easily recognizable face, someone here could offer a clue, to find out who he is?
3. If this was true, why did the man commit rape in public? Is he mentally chanllenged or just being a trash?
4. If this wasn't true, what is the purpose of shooting this video, photo and news spreading? What benefits or effects it brings?

superkylin Post time 2012-5-10 10:43:52

h t t p://

Video link~~

superkylin Post time 2012-5-10 10:47:28
His face should be easily recognizable, perhaps anyone knows who he is, what he do?

Video link again

Image link X2

damn this has to be censored...

greatlady Post time 2012-5-10 11:25:45

Hardly to tell this video is true or not;
What can bring a person to conduct that behavior on the street, I guess the guy was high. I guess the lady was drunk too.

Maybe they come out together from a bar?
But in that situation, who have mood to shoot the video?

468259058 Post time 2012-5-10 12:26:36

Do sth following the laws and regulations.

desperado123 Post time 2012-5-10 14:25:17

It has been confirmed officially by the official account of the Beijing Police, that the suspect man has UK nationality. Here is the link (only in Chinese):
The man has been under custody.

exportedkiwi Post time 2012-5-10 14:25:42

superkylin Post time: 2012-5-10 09:47 static/image/common/back.gif
His face should be easily recognizable, perhaps anyone knows who he is, what he do?

I watched the video and I'm dubious, to say the least. I'd like to see the photos before I add any comment to this. The video, in itself, is inconclusive, too many unseen variables to consider here. It's obvious the man in question was either drunk or stoned and was impervious to the blows he received, that much is for sure at present.
Sorry superkylin, I have no idea who this person is. Did the police take him into custody?
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