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Online celebrity economy: curse or blessing?

A good online anchor has 50,000 to 100,000 fans and can earn up to 100,000 yuan ($14,560) per month. For some top-notch anchors, an annual income of nearly 10 million yuan is not out of reach.

Why are Korean dramas so popular?

Learn from India's migrant program

Blog: My understanding of "face"

Michael Jordan case is historic?

Hire a daughter for trip?

A woman surnamed Li posted an advertisement on her WeChat moments, saying she is eager to visit the seas in Sanya, so she wants to hire a daughter aged 19 to 24 as a traveling companion.


It's a shame for a man to be a victim of domestic violence?

A court in Beijing has issued the city’s first protection order for a male victim of domestic violence, which shows rising legal awareness on the parts of both the government and the public, experts


The world’s best film set

Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and King Kong - it’s no wonder that so many movies have used New Zealand’s epic backdrop to depict a fantasy universe.


Black Model Recreates Famous Fashion Campaigns

Deddeh Howard is a Liberian-born model based in LA, and she's hoping to raise awareness about the lack of diversity in the modelling industry with her new photo-project called Black Mirror.


Will US president-elect stir up sea spat?

It's not surprising Trump blasted China again over the currency issue. But his mention of the South China Sea is a shock. During the election campaign, Trump only talked about the South China Sea issue once. He claimed China's construction activities are "because they have no respect for our president and they have no respect for our country."


Dormitory building held together by tape?

The outer walls of a college dormitory building in southwest China's Yunnan Province have attracted quite a bit of attention recently. A number of photos posted on Sina Weibo on December 5, 2016 showed that some black bandages were plastered all over the facade of a dormitory at the Yunnan Forestry Technological College.


Chinese factory makes autistic UK boy a lifetime supply of his favorite cups

A British father desperately trying to help his autistic son has finally had his prayers answered by a factory located halfway around the world in China.


What is life like without smartphones?

Are we spending too much time on smartphones? Then what would life be like without them? American photographer Eric Pickersgill removed the smartphones and digital devices from his portraits of every


Are highly-educated women having trouble in finding partners?

Well-educated, high-income women have always had trouble finding mates. That’s because men were always expected to be of higher status than their wives, or at least equal in status to them. Do you


Is China more wise than the West countries?

Many Westerners fear the decline of their own society while they foresee Chinese ascension and impending dominance–with alternating tones of fear or enthusiasm.


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