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Is China the new face of environmentalism?

Thousands of trees form a natural barrier between the capital and sandstorms that blow in from the north The distance between Chengde, Hebei province, and Saihanba National Forest Park, China's largest man-made woodland

'Who are we?' memes with business angle go viral in China

What's your favorite stupid joke?

Why should we have values?

Man sentenced to Life without parole for murdering Chinese s

Hilarious video shows fearless woman charging across vertigo-inducing bridge

A bridge crossing in China gives adrenaline-junkies a run for their money with the serious vertigo-inducing challenge.


62-year-old American man applies to become a "Xicheng Dama"

Gao Tianrui, a 62-year-old American man, has become an internet celebrity after creating a video to apply to become a "Xicheng Dama".


Top overseas uni report record numbers of Chinese tourists this summer

Top overseas universities reporting record numbers of Chinese tourists this summer as more middle-class Chinese parents expose their children to wider academic horizons.


Enemies of the modern age: soft drinks, video games and smartphones

On its WeChat account on Saturday, the PLA Daily, the military’s official mouthpiece, said more than half of the applicants who applied to join the army in one unnamed city this year failed the physical.


Doraemon’s 'hooray for Japan’s defeat in WWII' won hearts of Chinese audience

Some 38 years after Doraemon and Nobita rescued an elephant from getting poisoned to death in a time travel adventure back to Japan during World War II, the remake of the animation this July once again triggered public discussion and won many hearts, especially from Chinese.


Self-taught Chongqing deliveryman admitted to college

Deliveryman Mao Zhaomu dropped out of high school after his first semester, but now the self-taught English learner has been admitted to one of China's top foreign studies universities.


Chinese TV series 'Princess Agents' wins popularity overseas

Princess Agents has set a record for YouTube views-at over 230 million-making it the most-watched Chinese TV drama internationally, as overseas audiences have been showing a growing interest in the genre in recent years.


What 'Game of Thrones' characters would look like if they were street vendors

With "Game of Thrones" now winding to a close, you might wonder what all the many characters are going to do once the series ends. Well, what they would look like if they were Chinese street vendors?


Extracurricular courses occupy most Chinese students' summer vacation time

Extracurricular courses have occupied the bulk of Chinese student's summer vacation. The two-month holiday, which is supposed to be the happiest time of year for children, has now become a burden for students and toddlers alike.


Should kids be taught “If someone hits you, hit back"?

The one-month training program was quite effective. When asked: “If someone pushes you, what would you do?” Xiaolei answered: “I will grab his arm and bite him!” When asked: “What if he cries loud to alert the teacher?” He responded: “Then I will lie on the ground and cry louder!”


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