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China mulls higher tariffs on US imports

China announced Friday that it is considering higher tariffs for imported US products worth about US$3 billion to balance losses caused by the US tariffs...

China to merge state media broadcasting giants

Peach flower festival kicks off in N China

Xinjiang becomes major power supplier

Most young Chinese differ from parents in career priorities

More city groups to emerge in China

Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other major cities in China are driving the growth of more city groups, according to Chinese Cities of Opportunity 2018, an observation report released Tuesday.


University slammed for intervening in students' intimate interactions

A strict regulation on students' intimate interactions published by a university in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province has incurred backlash from the public since it was spread on Chinese social media.


A man quits his prestigious job to care for his father

Zhuang Lin, 39, from Zhoushan city in southeast China’s Zhejiang Province, stays at the hospital every day from 7 a.m. until midnight to look after his father who suffered a brain hemorrhage.


Beijingers wake up earliest in China

Beijingers have the earliest average wake-up time among cities in China, while over 60 percent of the post-90s generation suffer from a lack of sleep, according to a recent survey.


The differences of working from an office and from home

(boredpanda) Working from home and working at an office are two very different k ...


Did you sleep the day away on March 21?

Did you sleep the day away on March 21? Well, you should have done that because ...


Premier Li's press conference: What do you care about most?

Li Keqiang, who was endorsed as Chinese premier by lawmakers on Sunday, is set t ...


34-year-old woman scorned at Shanghai blind date corner

Every week, hundreds of aged people crammed the People's Park in Shanghai, east ...


China's high-speed rail widely praised by American netizens

Answers to questions about China's high-speed rail have been viewed tens of thousands of times. Many netizens in the United States said they had a positive experience when catching high-speed trains i


China in one minute, creating a brilliant future for all

In one minute, more than 2,300 cellphones made in China are sold across the globe. In one minute, products worth 29.171 million yuan go global. In one minute, Chinese oversea investment reaches 1.543


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