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British schools hope to improve performance with Chinese textbooks

British students may soon study mathematics with Chinese textbooks after a “historic” deal between HarperCollins and a Shanghai publishing house in which books will be directly translated for use in UK schools.


What would happen if Hillary were president of the US?

Hillary Clinton is more likely to be confrontational on security issues, while Trump is more likely to have a negative impact on Chinese trade. Any given Chinese citizen's preference will most likely be determined by the issues he or she deems most important.


Interesting words in subways of China

Hangzhou: Music comments of NetEase cloud music NetEase cloud music, an internet ...


Five popular milk teas in China

A classic British tea is made by adding boiling water to black tea leaves and adding a splash of milk, and sometimes sugar. It's usually served with a selection of savory desserts or cakes.


Dancing amid sea of flowers in E China

A girl from the Department of Dance at Shandong Normal University strikes a pose in Jinan.


Are you willing to help professional beggers?

Recently, a girl from Shaanxi Province located in the Northwest China, gave a beggar a pocket of fried dough twist out of her sympathy. However, passers-by wew shocked to see the beggar throw food into the wastebin on her way home.


Are Chinese women more independent?

There is an old Chinese saying that goes, it is better to marry a successful man than have a strong ability to work. (干得好不如嫁得好)Nowadays, the trend is changing and single women think it is more important to depend on themselves.


Who is to blame for 21 death in the care center?

After the death of Lei Wenfeng, a 15-year-old boy with autism, came to light, re ...


Is Chinese language endangered by English?

I just came across a hot online debate about English words mixed in with mandarin in media. There are times when I find myself eavesdropping on conversations like this: "我跟他tell了,这次的presentati


Should there be a mandatory "cooling-off period" before divorce?

According to a local court of Sichuan province, a young woman applied for divorce in February, following endless quarrels such as how to raise their child with her husband. After they had a fight, the


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