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Wedding goes ahead despite absence of groom serving in PLA

A woman has chosen to go ahead with her marriage to a PLA soldier despite him having to miss their wedding because of an emergency summons to serve on the country’s “west side”, a local newspaper reported.


Man risks life to save boy, 4, dangling by his neck from window grilles

A daring neighbour risked his life to rescue a four-year-old boy in eastern China whose head became stuck between window grilles.


Male doctoral students become leftovers in China’s marriage market

What is the first impression that comes to mind when talking about a male PhD student - knowledgeable, smart or a nerd? Most people would not expect that highly educated people would be associated with disadvantages in the marriage market. However, that is the reality for many men who have been pursuing high academic achievements.


Audi ad compares women to used cars

The 30-second commercial takes place at a wedding, right when the bride and groom are about the exchange vows. The bride’s mother-in-law suddenly storms the stage and halts the wedding, before closely inspecting the bride’s face and then pulling at her nose, ears and mouth.


Bet, you won’t be able to do this yourself

So yeah you are the superman, you can do the impossible, you can roll your eyes, you can raise your brows and shit like that, but still there are some amazing things in this world that you cannot do.


A man dresses as his dead sister to help his grieving mum

A video about a man in his fifties who hasbeen dressing as a woman for 20 years "to help his mentally ill mum copewith the death of his sister" is being widely shared on Chinese socialmedia.


Should confinement after giving birth be abandoned?

The recent death of a woman from Zibo, Shandong province has put the spotlgith on the Chinese traditional custom of "postpartum confinement", a month-long period when new mothers are put on bed rest a


You can order a take-away on China's high-speed railway

From today on, the China Railway Department will provide Internet Take-away service in 27 important China High-speed Railways. If you take the trains that are numbered with "G" and "D", you can order


Poor kid successfully fights way to top university

A student from a poor family in Hebei province, who scored high on college entrance exams and was admitted to one of the country's top universities, has refused all financial aid that swarmed in after


China strongly urges fair trial in Chinese student kidnapping case

China has strongly urged the US Department of Justice to provide a fair and just trial in the case of the kidnapping of a Chinese scholar.


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