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Traffic police must strictly enforce pedestrian right of way at zebra crossings

Pedestrians' right of way at zebra crossings in China has for a long time been violated by motorists with impunity, resulting in many deaths and injuries! It is internationally recognised that motorists mut give way to pedestrians at zebra crossings


Beijing issues construction guideline for joint ownership housing

According to Beijing's guideline, the houses to be built in the city's six central districts shall be no bigger than 90 square meters. The commission requires housing developers to consider families with two children, as well as elderly people, in housing design.


‘Tiger parents’ do no good to kids’ development

Digging through kids' school bags, looking up all the assignments, sitting beside them going through each item, and finally having all the homework checked with a name signed is a daily routine for most Chinese parents, as required by teachers.


‘Pay to play with the panda’ policies draw criticism from animal lovers

To cater to people's enthusiasm, at certain breeding facilities around the country, visitors lucky enough to obtain ultra-exclusive tickets are allowed close contact with the pandas. However, most pan


Battle of the bra

In 2014, a movie called Free the Nipple filmed by American actress, producer, director and activist Lina Esco was released, and later a campaign started on social media platforms such as Facebook and


Can you live without a car in your city?

Today is World Car Free Day. To promote a greener lifestyle, many people leave their cars at home and find alternative ways of getting to work. People say that you cannot possibly live without a car i


How does it feel to take the high-speed train?

The speed on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway was increased to 350 kilometers per hour, making it among the world's fastest train services. Fourteen of the bullet trains, dubbed Fuxing (or Reju


Isn't cruel to remove dogs' vocal cords to stop them from barking?

An unlicensed vet was caught cutting pet dogs’ vocal cords in southwestern China. The man, surnamed Zeng, set up his business at a stall in a Chengdu market. He was ordered to leave after authorities


Canadian 'professor' buys fake diploma and start fake college in China.

Mount Knowledge is a “school” established by Canadian Erwin Sniedzins in China that uses a so-called “Knowledge Generator” to train learners and local ELT/ESL teachers.


Cheesy challenge

China's customs seems to have halted imports of a wide range of soft, mold-ripened cheese from Europe, including Brie, Camembert, Epoisses, Bleu, Fourme d'Ambert and Roquefort, although regulators hav


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