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Is 100 million yuan a small target?

China's richest man Wang Jianlin, founder and chairman of Dalian Wanda Group, claimed $15m was a small target during a show on celebrities' daily lifestyle.

Are you interested in grape festival in Turpan?

To tip or not to tip?

Italian earthquake school 'built on the cheap'

Is it necessary to eliminate street signs in English?

Is acting an overpaid and overrated job?

For most domestic television dramas and films, decent viewing figures depend on the star factor. It is estimated that nearly 20,000 episodes of television series


Should marking system be abolished?

As a new school semester gets underway, primary schools in eastern China's Shanghai Municipality have adopted a new student performance evaluation method to replace the traditional points based marking system.


Angry dad destroys his daughter's $13,000 Audi with a digger

Angry dad destroys his daughter's $13,000 Audi with a digger because he caught her 'fooling around with a boy inside'


China's Jack the Ripper caught after 15 years

Police in Gansu province have captured a suspected serial killer accused of the rape and murder of 11 victims, one of them an 8-year-old girl, in northern China.


Why China's ghost weddings can be deadly?

Police in north-west China have charged a man with murdering two women with mental disabilities, alleging that he wanted to sell their corpses to be used in so-called "ghost weddings".


Handicapped couple proves love conquers all

Some people say that true love knows no bounds, and that appearance should never be an obstacle. Yuan Wanyu and Dong Zhijun, a couple of six years in northeastern China’s Anshan, Liaoning province, have done a great deal to prove that maxim right.


The rising power of China will create new political fissures in the west

Whether he wins or loses the US presidency next November, Donald Trump has already come up with one of the defining slogans of 2016 – “Make America great again”.


China’s higher-education glut

China has always valued education, reflecting its Confucian tradition, according to which one must excel scholastically to achieve high professional and social status.


Man pretends to be Qing Emperor for cheating

The "straddling bus" appeared certain to be the biggest scam of the year, but not


It's fair or not to ban burkini in France?

The burkini, a body-concealing women's swimsuit that fits a conservative Islamic dress code, has stirred controversy in France, but on the beaches of North Africa, it has made few waves.


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