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Shanghai woman stops rush hour metro to find her lost phone

A woman in Shanghai was fined 200 yuan (31 US dollars) after holding up a subway train for nine minutes during rush hour to find her stolen cell phone, Shanghai police announced Thursday. ...


In quest to live longer, four Chinese men seek stem-cell therapy in Ukraine

Seeking to prolong their health, four Chinese men have traveled to Ukraine to receive stem cell therapy. The cost? Four million yuan (about 624,000 US dollars). ...


Police 'ready' for suspects at pop star's concerts

Police in Luoyang city, Henan province, announced that they were "ready" for fugitives' "arrival" at Jacky Cheung's concert in July after three men were nabbed at the pop star's concerts over the past two months.


Hardworking policeman 'noodles' way into people's hearts

A policeman has gained wide attention on social media after a picture showed him squatting on a street corner eating a bowl of instant noodles, just like an exhausted migrant worker, while on duty chasing a suspect.


Chinese FM criticizes disinvitation from US military drill

The Chinese Foreign Minister blasted the US for excluding China from a multinational military exercise to be held in June, noting that the decision was “imprudent and unconstructive.”


Weibo suspends Chinese internet relationship guru Ayawawa over ‘comfort women'

“Do you think comfort women were miserable?” she said, “Have you ever thought that men were more miserable since they were all shot dead, and the women, at least, could survive."


Panda keeper: The luckiest ‘nanny’ in the world

This average girl wearing black-framed glasses is Mei Yan, a post-'80 breeder in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. During her internship in 2008, Mei became interested in being a panda breeder. In the past 10 years, she has bred dozens of pandas here.


China-DPRK border city gets tough on housing price control

With the potential of Pyongyang opening up to the rest of the world, the Chinese city of Dandong on the border with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) is dealing with newfound interest by implementing new restrictions on housing prices.


China to end birth-limits law within this year?

China is planning to scrap all limits on the number of children a family can have, according to people familiar with the matter, in what would be a historic end to a policy that spurred countless human-rights abuses and left the world’s second-largest economy short of workers.


Teachers unite to create covered pathway for students in downpour

In most situations, heavy rains cause trouble and make people feel annoyed, but one downpour led to a touching moment at a school in Shandong Province recently.


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