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Do you put your hand over your heart while anthem is played?

A National People's Congress Standing Committee member has called for a ban on placing a hand over the heart when the national anthem is played, as lawmakers deliberated on the draft law on the nation


China's brain drain to the US

Zeng Jiani graduated from the University of Nottingham Ningbo last year with a degree in industrial design, Qianjiang Evening News reported. An award-winning graduate from eastern China is soon to begin her postgraduate studies at the


Student forced to eat feces sparks public outcry in China

A video of a teenager being forced to eat feces by school bullies in Beijing went viral overthe weekend, igniting heated public discussion on China’s school bullying problem. In the 1-minute clip, which was posted on Sina’s Weibo on Sunday, a teenage boy wearing aschool uniform was forced to touch feces in a toilet and then lick his fingers.


Woman spotted sitting atop SUV cruising down road

Police in Ningxia have punished one woman for sitting on top of a vehicle as it cruised down the road at high speeds, demonstrating China's commitment to upholding traffic regulations and public safety. The woman was spotted just chillin' atop a white SUV driving down a street in the city of Wuzhong by a passenger in another car. The passenger recorded footage of the woman smiling to the camera while the wind blew back her hair.


These are the smartest nations in the world

Canada ranks high in many international measurements such as civil liberties, quality of life, education etc. so seeing this country on this list is no surprise. With the average national IQ of 97, Canada shares the 25th place with the Czech Republic and Finland, who both achieved the same score.


Should players withdraw from competition to express anger?

The sudden withdrawal of three Chinese players from the ongoing ITTF China Open has caught hot debate in the internet. Some think that players and coach should be respected, while some others think that they should obey the arrangement from the authority.


Is riding a bull to kindergarten cool or dangerous?

As an expert on Chinese culture, and the owner of a private zoo in the city of Chengdu, Sichuan province, Li believes it's an excellent way to promote the love of nature among children, reports Chengdu Business Daily. During their 3-kilometer journey, he tells his son all about animals and plants, or teaches him traditional Chinese poems, about the animal kingdom, the weather or the world around him. Li also sees it as a perfect way to practice Chinese culture.


Old man becomes an Internet sensation for his sweetheart act

It has been said on many occasions that the art of love and romance is dead. But one old man proved that this is not the case and it is still very much alive on one of the nation’s subways.


Why America should fear China's submarine fleet

Most of China’s submarines are older and relatively noisy – and thus easy to detect, track and destroy by US attack submarines. But the force is being upgraded and made more lethal by the introduction of new submarines armed either with nuclear or cruise missiles.


Inaccurate weather forecast sparks debate in China

According to an announcement released by the National Meteorological Center of ChinaMeteorological Administration (NMCCMA) on June 20, several provinces and cities in thenorthern part of the country, including Beijing, were supposed to receive heavy rainfallbetween June 21 and 24. Beijingers prepared for the storm ahead of time, expecting adeluge to offer relief from the oppressive summer heat. However, as of press time, theforecasted massive storm has yet to arrive. Rain has been lighter than expected, especiallyin the city center.


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